Can I mine bitcoins myself?

Yes. But as experienced miners believe, newcomers to this business will no longer be able to earn a lot. More money will be spent on the purchase of equipment and payment for electricity. But if you want to mine not for the sake of money, but for the sake of an idea, then it’s never too late to start. Or start mining another, less hype and more rich cryptocurrency (see Bitcoin – the only cryptocurrency? )

How did bitcoins come about?

Their concept was developed by the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto, who was fond of cryptography. In 2008, he published a scientific paper explaining how cryptocurrency works. It was about hashes, and about blockchain, and much more. In 2009, Satoshi made the first transaction, started selling bitcoins on the exchange and launched a network in which people can exchange them. In 2010, he left the project. What Satoshi looks like, who he is and whether he really existed, the Internet does not know.

What can I buy for bitcoins?

Since banks and the state do not monitor bitcoin transactions, you can buy anything from them: from manually connected socks to a fresh human kidney. Here you can see on the world map who and where accepts cryptocurrencies. These are mainly stores where you can pay online. Paying with bitcoins offline is not very convenient, because it takes about 10 minutes to confirm the payment (the time for which the block is created) – much longer than we are used to. Therefore, they are either converted in advance into a more familiar currency, or withdrawn at bitcoin ATMs (there are some), or use cards that instantly convert cryptocurrencies into regular money.

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