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Forex Thor – Unstoppable Profit Machine

By Alexander
In Forex EAs
Aug 30th, 2012

Unstoppable profit machine? Huuu…that’s big words. Let me explain…

As you probably know, the majority of trading systems are based on technical indicators. All of them have one thing in common. They use data from the past to forecast future price movements. There is nothing wrong with, but the problem is that history never repeats itself exactly. As the result, systems what are based on technical indicators fail after a while.

After realizing that this is a fact and cannot be changed, I started to develop a trading system what does not use a single technical indicator, but emulates order flow and level two data with high accuracy instead.

The result is a system which does not depend from market conditions at all. And that’s the KEY, because it means that it’s capable of returning constant profits whatever the trading conditions are.

Sounds impossible? Take a look to the test results to see by yourself.

Test results

Data source: Dukascopy | 99% modeling quality | Period: 12 years | Compounded profit: +27672.83%

Backtest 99% modelling quality

Data source: MetaQuotes | 90% modeling quality | Period: 5 years | Compounded profit: +82913.64%

Back test 90% modelling quality

The test results prove that the algorithm of the Thor system is exceedingly robust. So robust that even major crisis like the Dot-Com, 911, financial crisis, flash crash and Euro crisis could not stop it from performing.

However, I also have to mention that slippage, variable spreads and execution quality cannot be accurately simulated during testing. Because of this, they have to be taken with a small grain of salt and need to be validated with verified forward trading results.

The good news is that there is only a small difference between the test and the forward trading results.

Click on the performance graphs below to see it by yourself.

Verified Trading Results

Verified by MellyForex, Start Date: December 2011, Total Profit: +91.75%

forex Thor II live Mellyforex

Verified by MyFxBook, Start Date: April 2012, Total Profit: +37.16%


Verified by MyFxBook, Start Date: April 2012, Total Profit: +40.82%

 Thor live

Compounding is the road to riches…

When used with low risk per trade, the average monthly profit is about +7.5%. That doesn’t sound very much, does it? And many may wish to increase the risk per trade to boost the monthly profit, but instead of increasing the risk it is smarter to keep the risk low and use the power of compounding.

I have to admit that during the first 3-4 months compounding is boring, BUT after 5-7 months it becomes downright fascinating and the money starts to pour in big numbers. Let me show you…

Let’s suppose you start with 1000 USD on your trading account. When the system performs as expected the new account balance at the end of the month will be 1075 USD (+7.5%), and after 60 days the balance will be 1155.62 USD (1075 USD +7.5%). Not bad but also nothing too exciting, right?

However, after one year of trading, and compounding profits, the balance of your trading account will be 2381.78 USD. That’s +138.18% profit and after two years of trading your 1000 USD investment will be worth 5672.87 USD. That’s a profit of +467.29%, and I am sure you agree that’s an exciting profit.

Of course, you cannot expect that the Thor II system returns precisely 7.5% profit every month. Some months the profit will be lower, some – higher, but analytic results prove that an average 7.5-10% monthly performance is a quite realistic performance figure.

Click on the info graph below to learn more about the power of compounding.  You will be amazed!

compound profit

Is this the “Holy Grail”?

Forex Thor is an amazing system, but it is not the “Holy Grail” and there are also cons you should know about.

Firstly, I have to mention that your success with it will depend from choosing the right broker. When you deal with a bandit broker which trades against you, your profits will be significantly lower. Secondly, you will need to do some homework to optimize the trading environment.

Both, choosing the right broker and optimizing the trading environment does not require a rocket scientist, but it is important that it’s done properly. To make sure traders who just started their trading career.

To ensure the Thor system is suitable for beginners and experts as well, I wrote two guides about how to choose the right broker and how to optimize your trading environment. Both guides are available for clients only and provided free of charge.

Limited Special Offer!

The retail price for the Forex Thor II system is 249.00 USD, but the next 50 buyers have the opportunity to purchase it risk free with 30% discount.

Here is what you will receive when you order today:

  • Premium license for 5 live accounts
  • Three valuable bonuses (worth 237 USD) free of charge
  • First class support incl. free setup service
  • 60 days unconditional money-back guarantee

To secure your personal copy and to take advantage of the special discount, click here. If you would like to ask me, something about the system, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Discount coupon: FXS-6XWL-BCHM

Quick update:

Hi folks,
4th of September at 14:37 the Thor system made +17.21% within 27 short seconds.

Impossible? Check my MyFxBook account to see it by yourself! New total profit is +62.08%. Expected gain until the end of September +80.00%.

Special Offer ending soon…

As mentioned in my last e-mail, we decide to give 50 copies away with 30% discount. Right now, there are six copies left for the discounted price. So if you want to boost your trading profits and save 30%, you have to be really fast.

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25 Responses to “Forex Thor – Unstoppable Profit Machine”

  1. john says:

    hello, is there a trail period also is,t hedge system or scalp please clear me. thanks

  2. Gideon says:

    Please i made mistake the other time please i have $100 on my credit card.can i have it for that as i have asked how many pairs does it trade?.Any demo version

    • Alexander says:

      Hello Gideon,
      thank you for your interest. The actual version can be used on EURUSD. 30% discount is the best offer i can make. (Limited to 50 copies)

  3. prevost says:

    Hi. Interesting, BUT I bought Forex Thor II a few weeks ago and I have NOT the same results and probably because of very few trades ; less than once a week.
    May be you can send me new set up to get good results?
    Thank you for a response

  4. Thomas says:

    Thor is great and made +37% this month. Do you think I should lower the risk per trade?

    • Alexander says:

      Hello Thomas,
      i guess you risk at the moment 2.5-3% per trade? If yes, you might think about to lower it to 2% per trade.

  5. Timo Fx says:

    Thank’s for the discount!

  6. Boldy says:

    I am in, but before I buy I would like to know on how much live accounts I will be able to use your Expert Advisor.
    Have a nice day!

  7. Paul Sorren says:

    Hello Alexander,
    I am using Thor with LMAX, and I am very happy with the results but would like to open a second account for Thor. Can you recommend me another good broker?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  8. Dmitry says:

    Hello, Alexander. I have some questions for the Thor system, sent them to you mail (support@forexthor.com). Please check this out . Thanks

  9. Manish says:

    Downloaded the demo to realise that it can’t take trades but can only be backtested. Also only one pair.
    The logic seems a little different from the rest but can’t we have a 2 day forward trading trial if only on Demo a/c maybe.
    U understand that there are a lot of bad fish around so just taking precutions. Just consider it.

    • Alexander says:

      Hello Manish, sorry but there is no such option. Your purchase in any case in protected by 60-days refund period. So it’s possible to receive money back, if you are not satisfied with the product.

  10. Samuel Baker says:


    I am a financial writer. I write on several finance related topics like debt, loans, insurance, investment and so on. I came across your domain(pipburner.com) while surfing through the Internet to find a suitable financial domain for writing articles. It is highly resourceful with rich and nice contents and has a vivid presentation. I must appreciate your hard work and wish you good luck.

    I was wondering if you can allow me to write for your domain. I assure you to provide absolutely unique but relevant article so that it proves to be useful to your readers. I wish you consider this proposal and will wait for a reply from you.

    If you are displeased with my email, I cordially regret in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Samuel Baker

    • Alexander says:

      Hello Samuel,
      I can accept guest posts but only related to Forex with editorial links to forex websites. For more information, read guest posting guidelines.

  11. Clifford says:

    Hi, is the discount still available? Keen to purchase. Thanks.

  12. andrew says:

    Still available?

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