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FX Pulse 2.0 – MT4 Most Powerful News Indicator

By Alexander
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Jul 31st, 2013
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Today I would like to introduce you my new product for those of you who prefer fundamental analysis. It is called FX Pulse. Basically, it is a Meta Trader 4 plug in that provides you with the real time access to constantly updated information such as economic news, forecasts and breaking financial news. This plug-in will be an essential helper for every trader.


Target Audience

For many years, traders have been trying to figure out, what type of analysis gives the most accurate information about the Forex market development in the nearest future. Some people prefer technical way, and for those who chose fundamental analysis, we create our FX Pulse plug-in. Since it is very difficult and time-consuming to monitor multiple forex news sources on the Internet and practice shows that it is almost impossible to get all important news the very same second they are released, we decided to come up with an easy and powerful solution.

Main features

FX Pulse includes three main sections. On the top, you can see the main trading session’s schedule which shows you the active sessions along with the local time in Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York. It is made for currency traders who prefer to trade during the specific session or at the session’s joint.


The middle section is actually the place where all the forex news is displayed. It is good to have the main market information coming directly to your chart board, but what is more important is the usability. In our plug-in, all news is divided into three categories: the news with high, medium, and low impact on the forex market. In FX Pulse, you can see the recently passed news along with the current and incoming news. One more feature is that all the news is displayed in your local time. Among all the information, probably one of the most important data is the financial reports and Indexes released by different countries. So here is one more sweet candy from FX Pulse, all the information mentioned above is coming with the previous value and forecast (if available). As soon as the new data are being released the program also displays the actual information so you can compare all the numbers and make your decisions based on the latest available information.


Why is that so cool? Imagine all the other fundamental traders switching between news web-sites, refreshing them every second, trying not to miss breaking news; and now look at you sitting in front of the monitor with a cup of coffee while FX Pulse doing the research and delivering the results directly to the chart faster than you could get them on any website like forexfactory, fxstreet or myfxbook. All you have to do is place the trade and take your profit.

The bottom section of FX Pulse includes the social zone where you can you can visit our pages in the social media and tell your friends of how awesome we are. 🙂 In the right corner, you’ll find the control buttons that allow you to move FX Pulse window to the other place and turn on/off the alert signals.



So in the end I’d like to say that FX Pulse is an absolutely unique plug-in for Meta Trader 4, it is a fast and reliable information supplier for those of you who like the fundamental trading. And here is one more candy for you, it is absolutely free.

Go ahead and click the ‘Get FX Pulse 2.0’ button and check it out. I am 100% sure you will love it!


And after falling in love with it, please do us a little favor and share it with your trading buddies through social media. Thank you so much!

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FX Pulse 2.0 - MT4 Most Powerful News Indicator, 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Kim says:

    The tool is awesome! I really like the timeline with trading sessions!

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