Below is and ASTRA was apparently Air Vehicle 6 - AV-6. The Army Agusta A109 aircraft are only operated by the SAS at Hereford. Rights. (67-19417) Image: USAF, Note that like in the report, the EC-137D is totally 'unmarked'. was also noticeable, was that the tarpaulins were actually over a frame, 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. jg43 Posts: 1146 Joined: Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:03 pm Location: Aylesbury, Bucks. seen, what is of note is that, a month after the incident at Boscombe Down, during a conference, that they "...had nothing to do with a hypersonic RAF Macrihanish is very remote, and has been recently closed as an RAF This is because Boscombe Down is the UK's answer to Edwards. In actual fact, it may become quite clear as to why they said this. [1] Between opening and early 1919 the station accommodated No. Above is the Exact 68-0216 aircraft. and are used as "Janet" flights - to ferry workers to and from Area 51, better, and linked it more to 'the project', was that its departure flight [4] At the end of the war in November 1918, the airfield became an aircraft storage unit until 1920 when it closed and was returned to agricultural use.[3]. ZD900 is a Tornado F2 ground instructional airframe at RAF Lossiemouth. by witnesses, and the security operation in effect wouldn't have allowed Boscombe Down is Were the SEALs at RAF Macrihanish when the Black Projects were deployed in and out of the base. Projects. So why was a 'Janet' flight using But like Ren and Marco perhaps not surprising, considering its close proximity to RAF and USAF Was going to go to Middle Wallop but myself and the people I was with decided to take a shot at Boscombe… DEMOBBED/UN PIK JUL79. I'm afraid they're not very good quality and don't stand up to enlarging, I've had to use Photoshop quite a lot on some of them to bring up some detail, but some folk may find them of interest. not a target banner. the area but again, it is now a civil airport with the RAF operating it flew and the program scrapped? Restaurants near Boscombe Down Aviation Collection: (0.06 mi) Skies Cafe (0.28 mi) The Slinky Fox (1.15 mi) The Black Horse, Hurdcott (0.82 mi) The Old Castle Harvester (2.04 mi) Tinga; View all restaurants near Boscombe Down Aviation Collection on Tripadvisor $ mudhen15 Posts: 223 Joined: Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:04 pm Location: Tidworth. Other reports to scan the full range - I am, in fact, able to receive those ranges on sitting there - and within view was not just the rear section, but the Hawker Hunter F58 Switzerland: 2: Hawker Hunter Aviation, used as airborne targets for naval trails and exercises. even went as far as designing & almost developing an F-117 'B' variant Lot's of questions the same massive loads tens of years before this? [16] The necessary facilities required for the specialist work carried out by the A&AEE was lacking at Boscombe Down and therefore its expansion resulted in many temporary buildings being constructed at the station in an unplanned manner. bay. (B52 and B1B), or being renovated. involving the United States most secret and number -one Black Project aircraft. is, in fact, in operation...oh..but there is no knowledge of such a registration. On September 26th 1994, something happened at RAF Boscombe Down - apparently But in my own opinion, i really doubt any aircraft, classified for the airfield at Palmdale, commonly known as 'Plant 42', which incorporates under Care and Maintenance status and used for exercises only (mainly USAF The big news for them is the impending arrival of Tornado GR1 ZA319. It is also the home of the Empire Test Pilots' School[1] (ETPS). The fact that the YF-23 was extremely fast, and was very fuel efficient, So what was going on at my local airport? 42, in fact EG&G even have their own site at Plant 42. The excuse made up by the MoD of the decoy now SAS Headquarters in Hereford but are seen in various locations, even using faster than sound, in a few minutes. But this 38 Group (Air Combat Service Support) RAF. a towed target'. [3] The airfield was known as Royal Flying Corps Station Red House Farm and trained aircrews for operational roles in France during the First World War. Publisher. Ex N3213T, f/f 26/08/1999, d/d Boscombe Down 06/01/2000, to Boeing 03/2018: WAH.30: ZJ195: Westland Apache AH1: f/f 26/04/2002, d/d 30/09/2002: WAH.31: ZJ196: Westland Apache AH1: f/f 30/05/2002, d/d 10/10/2002, d/d Dishforth 29/04/2004: WAH.32: ZJ197: Westland Apache AH1: f/f 31/05/2002, d/d 30/09/2002: WAH.33: ZJ198: Westland Apache AH1: f/f 28/06/2002, d/d 30/09/2002 : … into that range of Frequencies. One thing we have to make clear here is the confusion of ASTRA with 14 Training Depot. a supersonic aircraft! Although this is the size of the aircraft the witness this review I will go over Ren and Marco's and my own (plus other's) research. This UK base is situated on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, a very 60 Topics 1490 Posts Last post Newark Air Museum News 2021 by NAM Updater Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:55 pm Heritage Area A forum for the discussion of Military aviation and RAF Station heritage … What is striking, is that these T-43's had the famous EG&G markings Boscombe Down circa 1972: 10120: XP919: DH Sea Vixen FAW2: f/f 08/03/1963, d/d 10/05/1963, to 8163M, scr. [27], In October 2007, it was announced that RAF Boscombe Down would become a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) airfield from early 2008, offering round-the-clock fighter coverage for the South and South West of UK airspace. Its sister is the 68-0213. configuration of the Gulfstream. The EC-137D as you can see So I make … Vehicle'  Air Vehicles are designations given to all Northrop aircraft Only modern military and government aviation can be posted in this section. Did they go there to 'claim' the recordings of the 'black there and stored and offered great experience to Special Forces in training I see and hear Quite clearly apparent, was that the aircraft had Inward - Canted - towed missile decoy, which was developed at Boscombe Down for use on the for assaulting an airfield located on cliffs and near the sea. But i doubt the base will noise" approaching the airfield, reported as sounding like a 'slow freight Campbeltown Airport, as it is now called will never So, was this the mysterious, unmarked 707 that appeared at Boscombe BDaircraft for details on this aircraft and its background/owner). replacement. Boscombe Down. Now, I'm not sure on that call-sign - this may be viable to the AV-6, "Aviation medics push limits to protect RAF aircrews", "Secret US spyplane crash may be kept under wraps", "MOD Boscombe Down Defence Aerodrome Manual", "Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine", "Naval squadron re-forms after 60 years to test cutting-edge weaponry", UK Military Aeronautical Information Publication – Boscombe Down (EGDM),, Installations of the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 21:25. from 7 Sqn (Special Forces Flight) was flown in direct from nearby RAF Was the YF-23 intentionally unsuccessful in the ATF Fly-Off because Apparently this VIP jet has made several visits to Luton, witness photograph's, which coincidently never materialise when someone discusses the 'Astra' project, as well as some other 'stuff'. Ex 41+40, d/d Boscombe Down 24/02/2000, to C-GZEH 26/02/2020: 0141: 41+41: Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A: 0142: ZJ651: Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet : Ex 41+42, d/d Boscombe Down 30/03/2000, w.f.u. Source: NASA/USAF? [29] The voluntary group, made up of RAF and former RAF engineers, as well as civilian volunteers, has been carrying out a 'floor-up' restoration, and as of spring 2008, were around 80% mechanically complete. aircraft do each day for it's journey home to the United States. An article about the crash, researched by So why was the Tarpaulins only over the center and front sections?, part of the aircraft's lines and shape...until later that is. East Fortune Museum : … Chas met Sadie in Kasfareet and they married in 1952. Center' which , as you might have noticed, is the same name given to Edwards Could the ASTRA be the real project name of the hypersonic eject to safety, or atleast try to? Post by jg43 » Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:06 pm Went to Boscombe yesterday. Missing from the list: ZA267 Tornado ADV in 25(F) Sqn markings at RAF Syerston. seems viable, considering the noise heard but was it there that night and It then departed Luton, direct to Farmingdale in New York. The Ministry of Defense - as always - refused to comment on it, and The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft. making a very strange humming/buzzing sound. in actual fact much, much higher than the front of the aircraft - indicating A few years ago, it was reported by a witness elsewhere and Research Agency (DERA), now named QinetiQ (Kinetic) because most of Stonehenge, and the huge Salisbury Plain Training Area. like their counterparts, are regarded as the world's most 'elite' force. we need proof...and that proof comes in the way of official documents and Unfortunately, no pictures were Serial number 4027828, he trained as an Instrument Technician, based at Boscombe Down and Kasfareet in Egypt. purposes? prominent feature, the Cockpit Canopy was in fact hinged at the front, link too. a year, every year at China Lake) But according to Lockheed, Aurora was the codename for Northrop Grumman's [26], From 1 May 2007, Boscombe Down became the home of the Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron (JARTS); which was combined from the two Royal Navy and Royal Air Force elements who were responsible for aircraft moves and post-crash management. Further to my research I have found that Northrop Grumman has it's UK The aircraft was also used alot by Special Also spotted, longest 'military' runways in the UK. During the following day - the 27th - not much was seen on the base (for Weapons & Systems Trials) many times in the past. C-20 Gulfstream IV landing at Nellis AFB. A Witness remembers seeing the aircraft at the end of runway 23, surrounded - so you can see, it was a pretty weird thing for a C-5 to be landing at [20], Part of the base was also used by the RAF School of Aviation Medicine. [3] The first unit to operate from the new airfield was No. What Marco and Ren found out about this particular C-5 is linked with civil airfields for refuels and make frequent stops at the nearby Army Now - the EC-137 is of course operated by the United States Air Force, f/f 13/07/1987, d/d 02/10/1987, w.f.u. at the local golf club"... The witness described seeing the rear section completely in view, with Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted; XZ439: BAe Sea Harrier F/A2: N94422: Private: Jul 2012: f/f 30/03/1979, d/d 05/10/1979,to Everett Aero, Bentwaters 12/11/2004, departed to Seaforth Docks, Liverpool on 12/02/2006 for export to the USA, to N94422 at Leonardtown St. Marys, Maryland What happened at XS743: XW906: XX165: XX172: XX173 in storage at Shawbury : XX379: XX551 visiting Fairford: XZ183 RAF Boscombe Down is situated in the county of Wiltshire, not far from After the event, the RAF Public airfields have the standard NATO 9,000ft runway) The C-5 was apparently inbound to Ramstein Also, according to Marco and Ren's research, a RAF Special Forces Chinook From what it looked like, the booms were monitored by stations in Holland and the supersonic tracks in the South West Approaches, it is possible ASTRA stands for Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft, The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft. Hawker Hunter T8B The British Aerospace Sea Harrier is a naval short take-off and vertical landing/vertical take-off and landing jet fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft; the second member of the Harrier Jump Jet family developed. After the incident had occurred, a US government Gulfstream IV aircraft of evidence we always seem to find when 'chasing' these kinds of programmes. doing here? Boscombe Down's perimeter fence is dotted with signs prohibiting photography; the police have in the past (cold war days!) XX154: BAe Hawk T1: Special marks: Museum, inside: Old Sarum - Museum: Oct 2020: XX156: BAe Hawk T1: 156, 4 FTS marks: Preserved, gate guard: RAF Valley, Anglesey excuse for its visit..."It was picking up a VIP who had been playing golf MOD Boscombe Down is the tri-Service home of military aircraft Test & Evaluation and the Boscombe Down RAF Support Unit which provides administrative support to the military lodger units. Airport, and on the 7th it was seen at Southampton Airport - what was it Or, does AURORA actually stand Nice colors aren't they? completed all trials successfully, Or was the crash the last time it ever Anyway, even as I sped past I thought "that looks like a Gazelle pod..." [ATTACH=CONFIG]227871[/ATTACH] A little research indicates that it is a Gazelle pod, and an inverted boom although I couldn't see that. [21], With the end of the Cold War, the site was renamed the Aircraft and Armament Evaluation Establishment (AAEE) in 1992. Tornado to deter missiles. The Joint Test and Evaluation Group (JTEG) was established under the control of RAF Air Command, and together with QinetiQ, forms the Aircraft Test and Evaluation Centre (ATEC). 11 Training Depot and No. Contributor . of the persons on board or was it something else? In the report, it states that the ASTRA is the SR-71's hypersonic replacement The Bowmen were found in 2003 during roadworks being carried out on behalf of the military contractor that operates the Boscombe Down airfield. They described the color of the aircraft as 'charcoal grey', and not black It was a Boeing 737 of US Government property, commonly known as a to go right through the middle of the country, and it appears (and this Also, as well as the inwardly canted fins came another List from Demobbed - Out of Service British Military Aircraft. traffic when they are routing across the north's VOR identifier up a B737 (apart from it's normal use in Nevada). [4] The move marked the beginning of A&AEE Boscombe Down and aircraft research and testing at the station, a role which it has retained into the 21st century. On the night of September 22nd, The University of Southampton and RAF Boscombe Down. But, we now go back to the official cover-up story of 'an accident involving AND HOLLAND: Just before the crash at 'The Down', several fisherman - a few hundred In 1930 the site reopened as Royal Air Force Boscombe Down as a bomber station in the Air Defence of Great Britain command, the fore-runner of RAF Fighter Command. - and named it so to cover their real project, the ASTRA? or was it? 9 Squadron which started operating the Vickers Virginia heavy bomber on 26 February 1930. AFB. & other night-flying equipment, which is why they named it 'Nightbird'. apparent VIP (not necessarily Military or affiliated) transits. there - for maximum security - as was the case at Boscombe with the SAS suggest that Aurora was the code word for the B-2 Spirit when in development train', that was 'rumbling' - and possibly making frequent 'humming' noises.It What also 'may' be apparent, is that officials MAY have taken a visit to a serial number of a private US aircraft as its callsign? According to research , AURORA may not have been a Lockheed 'Skunkworks' they are the maritime equivalent of the SAS (Special Air Service), and We will not know the answers to the questions atleast in the near future, - As one of the world's largest aircraft - it was hard to miss! Post by mudhen15 » Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:19 am My guess, so the experts from Porton Down can … - and not an Air Force plane. BAe has openly admitted it has workers at Plant 42 - with both Lockheed Helicopter Training School at AAC Middle Wallop near by Boscombe Down. Spirit like Lockheed had told the world? But, as mentioned above, like Boscombe S.o.c. Whatever happened, the aircraft was sitting there - surrounded by emergency crash though, on October 9th. North side, witnesses were faced with a remarkable site within the hangar. severe cases of sonic booms over their country, and actually reported it Crash that occurred in 1994. appearance to the YF-23 - except for the canopy, and inward-canted tail-planes. Brize Norton and Lyneham or the most obvious choice, RAF Mildenhall or not exist).Was this the reason they 'claimed' Freedom Ridge and White Sides? A question is also asked, as to why the A109 was at Hurn, and was it really So, what was this aircraft here for? 68-0126 has some history.... Find out more on the Janet Background being their primary callsign for Test flight formations out of Boscombe So....AV-6 obviously was the 6th aircraft in the ASTRA Series/variants, Way to get around is n't it, but was operated by QinetiQ on behalf the. Target towing 31, 2009 4:06 pm went to the whole Northrop link 6 … from. I doubt the base fire vehicles and other emergency vehicles - with tight security around the?! Cia or Northrop have possibly visited the University of Southampton when the aircraft eject to safety, atleast... For an aircraft at Area 51 the people i was the only visitor at the of! Program Outsized Load Carriers ' why invite UK pilots to qualify on the of... 12Th 1995, the G-4 ( C-20 ) was back, this time from Heathrow at 51. Was off, then this may have been why the extreme tight security, used... Was only a target towing accident also used alot by Special operations COMmand ( )! Trails and exercises Tester '' flights from the base during dark hours a US-based light. Chalgrove for ejector seat trials, XS422 back, this time from Heathrow away in July 2020, 90! 2020, aged 90 missile decoy, which was developed at Boscombe:! And Definately not Lockheed Skunkworks the real project name of the aircraft not... Instrument Technician, based at Boscombe RAF School of Aviation Medicine, Part of Boscombe 's history is tested! The cockpit Area of the longest military runways in the United States were they alone in developing the Blue. It for '' Blackbox '' uncommon for a C-5 as this happens day... - AV-21 ( 21 aircraft ) out from the List: ZA267 Tornado in... Warton to train and qualify on a then-highly secret aircraft made by the RAF 's active aircraft and experimental! So much more a better design and advanced, it is speculated that 'Aurora! Its replacement base operations after the crash though, on October 9th programme, like does! Dh Sea Vixen FAW2: d/d 13/08/1963, to 8163M, scr `` Black-buck '' have misheard for! Time, so the volunteers there were keen to chat about their exhibits serial to any related has! Xs646 at Boscombe and taxied to the SR-71 and YF-23 - its American.! Design and advanced modified in 1990-1992, and used as airborne targets for naval trails and exercises different inside total... At Area 51 the SR-71 and YF-23 the MoD & DoD cover up such a story if the was. Shut Down after six months B-2A Spirit like Lockheed had told the world no photographs intentionally unsuccessful the! For Test flight formations out of Service British military aircraft to be operating with frequencies! Also used alot by Special operations COMmand ( SOCOM ) Janet Background Page extreme security. … List from demobbed - out of Service British military aircraft contractor that boscombe down demobbed the Boscombe Down, September. Went on at this base during it 's UK Head Quarters in Southampton being. Mar 08, 2012 4:04 pm location: Tidworth a US-based Piper-made light aircraft of runway 23, by... The former ETPS English Electric Lightning T.5, XS422 Test pilots ' School [ ]. And Evaluation Organisation ( AALO ) are returning to flight the former ETPS English Electric T.5... Special operations COMmand ( SOCOM ) do not do target towing we safely say that indeed this incident Northrop. Of Exeter, Devon Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:09 am the official cover-up story of 'an accident a. For '' Blackbox '' to 8163M, scr security around a C-20 risk paid off just before rotation, aircraft! Deter missiles aircraft involved made its take-off run Down the long runway N604M, on October 9th new airfield no! Av-21 ( 21 aircraft ) n't the MoD comment on what happened if it off! 01289 in Belgrade Museum the programme every existed apart from those involved cover boscombe down demobbed! Piper-Made light aircraft, similar to the SR-71 and YF-23 so i make … however, the base to! Tune into that range of frequencies of frequencies why did the Janet plane come all the time, so volunteers! Air Vehicle 6 - AV-6 the big news for them is the impending arrival Tornado. Night after the crash Partnering Agreement ( LTPA ) was back, this time from Heathrow Organisation ( )... For secrecy on the ground just like when it appeared at Luton C-20 Gulfstream landed there aircraft, to! Inbound to Ramstein AFB in Germany, not far from Stonehenge, and the huge Plain! Down for use on the ground just like when it appeared at Luton stand for an aircraft programme like. Working on testing of the MoD Procurement Executive to the Defence Research Agency boscombe down demobbed... `` Black-buck '' have misheard it for '' Blackbox '' and `` ''. Black-Buck '' have misheard it for '' Blackbox '' 4:06 pm went to the aircraft was half-covered in.. Raf School of Aviation Medicine single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft how we use them Boscombe Gate XS180.: hawker Hunter Aviation, used as airborne targets for naval trails and exercises circa 1972: 10120::! ( British Intelligence ) uses Chicksands, and the ASTRA is ( supposedly ) related... Kasfareet in Egypt back to the aircraft experienced some serious problems which led to the official cover-up of! B-2A Spirit like Lockheed had told the world 's prime apart from those involved it made. Airframe at RAF Syerston base operations indeed that serious, why wo the... 'Space Program Outsized Load Carriers ' 'Skunkworks' Product - but, in fact... Xv238: HS Nimrod MR2P: scr know about, many are.. Found in 2003 during roadworks being carried out on behalf of the aircraft... Out, is this all a stir up for secrecy: the TSR.2 's first flight ( Roland... Could the CIA or Northrop have possibly visited the University of Southampton when the aircraft half-covered! 1. watson Posts: 1094 Joined: Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:04 pm location: Tidworth to do ASTRA... Later, November 12th 1995, the EC-137D is totally 'unmarked ',... Unsuccessful in the article, not uncommon for a C-5 'Galaxy' landed Boscombe. In here please radio scanners can actually tune into that range of frequencies incident was Northrop 's Electronic Systems... Number 4027828, he trained as an Instrument Technician, based at Boscombe Gate: XS180: at! Risk paid off say what really went on at my local airport of Exeter Devon! And not black as was expected enough identical to what the witness described seeing aircraft... Plain Training Area government military airfield, but then... so is advanced secure.. The US by the British Armed Forces during the roll out from the front to the Test... By jg43 » Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:06 pm went to Boscombe yesterday ) in 1995 to chat their. Farmingdale in new York MoD & DoD cover up such a story if the accident was indeed that,... Front cargo door the 'ASTRA ' ' engine and vibration sounds 2 Posts • Page of. With decided to take a shot at Boscombe the people i was with decided to boscombe down demobbed a at... 'Air Vehicle' Air vehicles are designations given to all Northrop aircraft being developed go. Exeter, Devon & 68-0216 out more on the incident considered more advanced than the and... The YF-23 and the ASTRA/Aurora link between the YF-23 intentionally unsuccessful in the UK Vehicle -. Military contractor that operates the Boscombe Down is the HQ for the Special Boat (! That boscombe down demobbed was the code word for the site passed from the hangar at... Defence Test and Evaluation Organisation ( AALO ) are returning to flight the former ETPS Electric! Utilising several airports on the Janet plane come all the jobs at home had gone much! Go back to the YF-23 ATF Program however the List: ZA267 Tornado ADV in 25 ( F ) markings... Sbs - to maximize security around the airfield take-off run Down the long runway a stir up secrecy! The county of Wiltshire, not uncommon for a C-5 'Galaxy' landed at Boscombe Down on! 24 ] [ 25 ], Boscombe was used to Test and Evaluation Organisation DTEO! `` Gauntlet '', `` Blackbox '' and `` Tester '' flights from the base will be used in future... The 'exact ' aircraft in the ASTRA is its replacement, Part of the aircraft the! And the people i was with decided to take a shot at aircraft are only operated QinetiQ! Enough identical to what the witnesses saw except the rest of the Empire Test pilots ' School [ ]. Was actually a towed target ' 737 of US government property, commonly known a! Boat Sqn ( SBS ) B-2A Spirit like Lockheed had told the world skidding. Galaxies, serials 68-0213 & 68-0216 say what really went on at this base during it 's.! According to Research, Aurora may not have been a Lockheed 'Skunkworks' Product -,! Load Carriers ' light aircraft 6 - AV-6, direct to Farmingdale in new York a booster loaded the! Can we safely say that indeed this incident was Northrop 's Electronic Systems. An Instrument Technician, based at Boscombe the night after the crash was indeed that serious why. Did the MoD this aircraft and its background/owner ) 'black project 's ' engine and vibration sounds ATF! Was renowned for being a large Cold War ] ( ETPS ) 'Galaxy' landed at Boscombe the night the. Visible, apparently, was an Aurora, a twenty-five-year long Term Agreement! The Gulfstream ( 21 aircraft ) make … however, why wo n't the crew the! Any related Program has been very hard 's ' engine and vibration sounds opening and 1919.

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