Yeah, I think it just takes an experience to get over the nudity piece. Thanks for all your tips about Caracalla Therme. They gave me instructions and off I go. You are bound to be a bit confused at some point about which step is where, whether you need the towel or slippers, and all that, but if you decide to go, I would suggest that you just go in and relax. You are likely to not even talk to the other bathers. This post may contain affiliate links. This is also a great place to check on how much time you have left. We went on a Friday which is a mixed day and for mixed sex couples this would definitely be best. Then I thought, well the dome is supposed to be the best part and I don’t want to miss out on it after putting myself through all this. ~ Jessica. She gave me a great scrubbing followed by the ending naked butt slap. If you paid extra for the Step 5: Soap and Brush Massage (optional), you’ll stop at the massage station for an 8-minute massage followed by Step 6: Shower (only if you do Step 5). I could start by leaving the country. Things I would suggest bringing: deodorant, any essential hair care or cosmetics, a brush or comb, contact case and solution (if applicable), and clean socks and underwear. It sounds like you got over your initial anxiety and concerns and felt comfortable fairly quickly. Thanks Iva, yes, many German people seem to have little reservations about nudity. We went to Friedrichsbad on a mixed-sex day so men and women were using the same locker room. Thanks Leah, it just takes a bit of traveling to get worked up to do more international traveling. Thanks Arthur for sharing your experiences of visiting public baths and sharing your tips and encouragement to others! Caracalla Therme is located next door to Friedrichsbad. Una excelente realización de este tour en el sur de Tannes le ofrece todo lo que siempre soñó. Plum Guide Review: A New Alternative to Airbnb? Ethan actually wanted to chicken out of this, but I said we had to do all the steps to get the full experience. Sounds like you enjoyed both the brush scrub and cream massage? Here in the Friedrichsbad, Roman bathing culture displays its full splendour in combination with Irish hot-air baths. I don’t know if I could visit or not. Hi Todd, Thanks so much for sharing your experience of going to the Friedrichsbad Baths in Baden-Baden! Must be a nice feeling to not feel uncomfortable about one’s body! Hopefully, I can take my wife and we both experience this spa together. I didn’t visit Friedrichsbad yet, but I will try to do so in the near future. It is definitely not for everyone, which is why at most of these places like the Friedrichsbad Baths in Baden-Baden have both single and mixed sex days. It’s indeed very insightful and informative. Open map. Question: When you go on the separate sex days, are you ever in the presence of the opposite sex, including attendents? So, there I am. Ah, yes, the thermal whirlpools, that makes more sense — I just didn’t want readers to think there were bubble baths as that would be a bit strange Thanks! This really gives all the practical information as well as some great personal tips. Answer 1 of 2: We have visited on Sunday, a fully mixed bathing day when we shared all stages and Saturday, a mixed day where we shared stages 7-11. However, I would advise any woman who has any trepidation about exposing herself in front of other men to avoid it at all costs. I went on Sunday afternoon, a mixed day. Actually, the baths are separate only up to steps 10 or 11 where it becomes mixed. As has been said by many, there is nothing sexual or erotic about it; I did see many attractive women, but it was interesting not erotic–there is a mix of old and young in all sizes and shapes. Thanks for the great article, I stumbled across this in my research for an upcoming trip to Germany. However, you can also take the 201 Bus and get off at the “Baden-Baden Leopaldsplatz” stop. While the experience sounds wonderful, I wouldn’t have the courage to do the nudity part–not because I am ashamed of my body, but I think of it as so sacred I wouldn’t want anyone else to see it save my husband (and please don’t take that as a judgment–it’s how I feel and I want to honor others’ views as well). Esta es la versión de nuestra página web dirigida a los hablantes de Español en España. Give your towel and slippers to the attendant and take another shower in the warm thermal waters. This is an unmissable experience. I am guessing that they do try to divide staff on separate sex days but I am guessing there is still a decent chance of being in the presence of an opposite sex attendant. We each changed in these little curtained changing rooms. However, since it is not a direct straight path and it requires backtracking and such, just note you are likely to be a little confused at one point or another. It was much more relaxing the second time around as I was no longer concerned about my nudity at this point and was able to better take in the pretty bird titles and peacefulness. We had purchased vouchers online (they send a PDF file to your e-mail that you print off), so we just had to give them to the lady at the front desk and received the electronic wristbands. If you purchased the optional cream massage, you’ll do that now. Best, Jessica. Your email address will not be published. Now get ready for the beautiful, majestic dome at Step 11: Thermal kinotherapeutic bath. We were coming from a pleasant morning spent in Heidelberg, and arrived by car in Baden-Baden later in the afternoon. We are much more likely to do this again in the future! By Car: If driving, you can park in the huge underground parking garage shared by both the Caracalla and Friedrichsbad Baths. 1.163 opiniones. Taking an sauna bath in the nude, gives me a very relaxed feeling. "If you are coming here with a partner, go on Wednesday or Sunday for mixed days...." Wellness in Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg BTW, there isn’t a bubble bath at the spa, do you mean the soap and brush massage (the optional massage you pay extra for?). Buck naked in front of 3 female attendants. I really don’t think I could do it, and for that long! Como ourensano que soy, tengo un apego especial por el termalismo y los baños. There is only room for one or two people at a time. My issue was feeling uncomfortable for myself and his was more he didn’t want men to leer at me. La ruta única de los vins d'Alsace encanta a los visitantes en los vestigios medievales de peregrinos en la famosa región vinícola de Alsacia. If you don't see the confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder. We noticed that people sometimes skip Step 13: Cold water bath. Sitting upon the ruins of baths used by Roman generals, those who visit Friedrichsbad will follow a 17-step Irish-Roman bathing ritual that includes a sequence of hot air baths, steam rooms, showers, pools, and optional massages. • This experience is probably best enjoyed when it is not very crowded. Even though we went early, there were still more single men than women. To enter or leave the locker room, you just use the electronic wristband. The main 3-hour package is 23 euros/person. N.º 1 de 6 Spas y bienestar en Baden-Baden. Similarly, it is not always obvious when you need a towel or plastic slippers and when you don’t, but just go with the flow. We never had to wait for a chaise lounge or share a pool with more than 2 to 3 other people. Thank you for the sharing. Yes, the co-ed aspect I think is the more uncomfortable part. Everybody is naked in a public sauna and it would be very strange if I was the only one in swimming trunks. It’s a wonderful building, old but not grubby and very clean. Currently, the separate sex days (men and women go through the identical bathing stages separately except stages 10 and 11) are Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m from Los Angeles and have a friend who introduced me many years ago to Korean spas. There is no question we would definitely do something like this again. Hopefully your perspective can help other readers decide if this is the best experience for them or not and if so, whether a mixed gender or segregated day is best. I felt relaxed by end of my first visit. If you’re ever in the LA area, my favorite is the Wi Spa. Following the Roman-Irish method that combines thermal waters and warm air, it takes about 3 hours to follow the complete routine, which involves a shower, two saunas, an optional brush-massage soaping, thermal steam baths, and three freshwater baths ranging in temperature. Hello Laura, we were just in South Korea in April and had thought about trying one of the spas or saunas there, but we ended up not being able to fit it into the schedule. This has been a popular meeting-point for artists, actors and musicians for over 40 years. I hope you get a chance to visit Friedrichbad in Baden Baden in the future! Thank you for writing a beautiful and detailed story about your visit to the Friedrichsbad. Hotel am Friedrichsbad offers a beautiful historical façade and spacious rooms with modern décor. Although many people feel anxious being nude in front of anyone. It is a bit surprising as a lot of Americans (and other foreigners) visit the baths all the time and it has been featured numerous times by folks like Rick Steves. La tarde pasada en Friedrichsbad (Baden Baden / Alemania) Los baños termales son un fragmento casi intacto de la vieja Europa The weirdest part of the ritual for me is Step 16: Relaxation Room where you will be quietly guided by an attendant into a dark room that is filled with raised beds (sort of like padded doctor office beds you lie on) covered in clean sheets and blankets. Now the final two rooms are for pure relaxation. During our visit, the other guests were mainly older single men and middle age and older heterosexual couples, but there was one other young couple and two single women. We went ahead and continued to Step 12: Shower and headed back to those original showers in the front. This was around 11, and the place was packed full with naked single men. Friedrichsbad Neues Schloß und Kirche der Klosterschule vom Heiligen Grab in Baden-Baden.JPG 3,456 × 2,592; 4.37 MB Friedrichsbad Rückansicht.JPG 2,560 × 1,920; 522 KB Friedrichsbad vom Marktplatz aus gesehen - panoramio.jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 5.41 MB See some of the popular local attractions, like Kurhaus of Baden-Baden. As I said, knowing what I know now, I would never do this on a mixed day, and I also don’t think it’s worth to try it again on a gender-segregated day, but on the bright side, this experience has completely cured me of any concerns about fashion. I’m sure SF has something similar. If you want to read about our experience there, please feel free to visit our expat and travel blog! Shower #1. Want to keep up to date with us and our latest travel tips? Two small complaints here: it would be nice if the tea was hotter (it was lukewarm) and it would be nice if they provided some sort of light snack. Anyway, thanks for leaving your thoughts about your experiences here so others can read. Ok, all anxiety gone as it’s a must now. It’s just not the same for women to expose themselves as for men, so it’s really stressful as well as very gross. Don’t forget to have a sleep in … I can’t say that no one will check you out, but in our observations everyone kept to themselves and there was no overt ogling, no sexual behavior, no kissing, and no touching. To get here, head for Rotenbachtalstrasse and the entrance for the garage is located off this street. So if you do not want to see opposite sex bathers, I would avoid this stop on the route. Friedrichsbad: Friedrichsbad - See 1,164 traveller reviews, 199 candid photos, and great deals for Baden-Baden, Germany, at Tripadvisor. I heard a male attendant tell the female masseuse that I was an American to which she replied “Oh God!” I was a bit perturbed at this comment though I did not confront her with it when she came in. It is probably least crowded at opening, end of the day, and on weekdays. Traditional Czech dishes are served in the Prager Stuben restaurant. Having visited the Caracalla the day before we expected quite a crowd, but it was very quiet and really terrific. But we found the staff to be very professional so I would not be too concerned. Yes, Hotel Am Friedrichsbad does have fully refundable rooms available to book on our site, which can be cancelled up to a few days before check-in. We look forward to trying it in another country in the future! Al mismo tiempo, su conductor y guía se mantienen flexibles para que haya espacio para sus ideas, así como para cambios y deseos espontáneos en el plan. However, Ethan loved it in here as did another guy we noticed who spent quite a bit of time in here beyond the recommended 5 minutes. Thanks so much Chris for sharing your experience at Caracalla with me and my readers! Mixed-sex bathing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and 14th Feb. Single-sex bathing: Monday and Thursday The Friedrichsbad is closed on 24th/25th December and open on 31th December from 9am - 8pm (final admission 6pm). Mixed sex days, or co-ed days, are … Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes! I couldn’t believe it. When I was there last month (which was my first time) I did both scrub and massage. We were able to look around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and have an experience we had never had before—together but also very separate. Sounds like fun! How awesome. Gift vouchers … They will give you towels, slippers, and generally keep you going in the right direction. Address of Friedrichsbad - Baden-Baden, submit your review or ask any question, search nearby places on map. After this “textile-free” experience, I have discovered my deep and abiding love for a simple piece of cloth. Yes, Friedrichsbad is a fun place to visit if you are in Germany. Hacer un circuito termal en estas. :o) I admire all the travel you’ve done! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Germany and feel free to email us if you have any trip questions! Discounted prices are available to those traveling groups of 10 or more. To check your time, there are a few little meter stations where you can check it. She did not want to do the baths, so I opted for the Caracalla Therme bath where you start out in your bathing suite. To do this, we store the data as outlined in our privacy policy. Monday to Sunday, 9.00 am - 10.00 pm. Will lived in Germany for a year and he said there are no hang ups about nudity there, that the body is not viewed in a sexual way. I was just in Finland and just had my first traditional sauna expereince there. That’s so fascinating – a place to be naked and bathe. (Or how my husband will feel… relaxing and spas aren’t really his scene. My wife and I tried the historic old bath of Friedrichsbad on a day with "separate" bathing stations for men & women. © Copyright 2013 - 2021, Getting Naked in Germany: Relaxing at the Friedrichsbad Baths in Baden-Baden, Basic Information on Visiting the Friedrichsbad Spa. Attendants are around and were quite helpful to use. One of them in the sauna room was making stretching exercises on the steps and didn’t budge an inch when we tried to pass through. preserve it carefully. There are secure lockers for your clothes and the experience starts with a nice shower. Just note once you do Step 14, you are now done with the water portion of the spa so if you do want to repeat anything, do it prior to Step 14. Gift vouchers are available around the clock from our online shop. I felt very strange in the beginning, but soon (because everyone is “dressed” the same) I was okay with it. Lockers are opened and closed with your electronic wristband so do remember your locker number. Last admission: 2 hours before end of bathing time; The Friedrichsbad is closed on 24 and 25 December Instead he stretched himself fully jutting his torso forward. Hi Meghan, glad you also enjoyed your time at Friedrichsbad – we really loved the relaxing atmosphere there! Bottom line, I had a great time that I went back on following Tuesday (another mixed day as I now have no desire to go to same sex day). I did follow the proscribed route (with the single exception of the bubble bath that was too full). Definitely something I want to add to my ToDo List of Adventures! Saunas were wonderful. A lot of our trip had us doing things and being active, but here we had to be quiet, reflective, and stay in our own heads. It sounds like both bath experiences are definitely worth a visit and each is better suited for certain travelers. We got rid of a lot of inhibitions about being naked by Step 5 and were really able to relax and enjoy the baths. We only ask for your e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply. Yes, it is a really relaxing experience. Then for Step 3: Hot-air bath, you walk into the connected smaller room where there are more wooden lounge chairs but the room is much hotter. The Friedrichsbad offers traditional bathing, both mixed and single-sex. It was his TV show that made me aware of this great bathing complex a few years before we actually visited. I saw many couples who also came in with robes. Las mejores visitas guiadas y actividades en Baden-Baden y … My first co-ed spa experience was in Austria, a place tucked in the mountain one hour’s drive from Graz. A locker, sandals, towels, liquid soap/shampoo, lotion, hair dryers, etc. Originally catering to European aristocracy, this beautiful neo-Renaissance style bathing house is still open to all looking to soak in the curative mineral waters or just enjoy a quiet few hours of relaxation. • Now if after reading all of this, you are thinking there is no way I am going to be able to enjoy this and I am going to be worried the whole time about the nudity or the routine, then this might not be the best place for you. Great tips! After stowing all our things in the lockers, we said our locker numbers a few times to ourselves to try to remember them and headed into the spa. The last admission is two hours before closing. Click here to see our current giveaway and enter! You can purchase a fruit salad which cost extra like the scrub and massage. So this pool at Step 11 is not that special as far as the actual water goes (reminds me of just a regular indoor swimming pool), but it has the best view in the place. as it is meant to slowly warm you up and cool you down. The baths were amazing and the architecture alone made it worth the visit. Enjoyed reading your experience at Friedrichsbad. Best, Jessica. pagado por disfrutar de un baño. I am very sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience at the Friedrichsbad Baths in Baden-Baden. By Train: A number of trains arrive at the Baden-Baden train station, but you’ll want to drive or take a bus or taxi to reach the town center. I honestly am not sure I’d want to do a similar thing in the U.S. as the culture around nudity is just different here. The first time I went I was so apprehensive, but once I settled in to the first hot tub, all my stress and cares melted away and I was hooked! Thanks for commenting Lance. 2.3K likes. No more anxiety as I was ready for the female attendant and face up to start. After driving on a couple pedestrian-only streets (we did this in a few German cities), we did eventually figure it out and parked. We’ll have to check these out, particularly the one in northern California since we live in the SF Bay area. Cheers, thanks for posting this . Pero es la ciudad en la que más he. We reluctantly parted with our towels and our modestly, and were directed to Step 1: Shower. Hi Jessica. The Friedrichsbad (Baden-Baden) Wellness Spa . -Laura. But. But, the female attendant was very professional. I’m a regular visitor of public sauna’s in The Netherlands. We left with about 15 minutes left of our 3 hours. Here you’ll pick up a clean little sitting pad and then find a place on the marble to sit and enjoy the steam. An attendant will give you a warm towel, which feels particularly good after a cold bath, and you are given time to sit and dry yourself off. • Is it creepy, romantic, sexual, etc.? Roemerplatz 1, 76530, Baden-Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg Alemania, SOLO PARA PISCINAS, EL RESTO NO VALE NADA, Es una buena opción para descansar unas horas en las piscinas, porque los baños de vapor y saunas no valen nada. Thank you for your sharing of the wonderful experience. Judy, thanks for sharing your experience at Friedrichsbad with me and my blog readers! Hay salas conjuntas para descansar. And to everyone who hasn’t visit a public bath or sauna yet: “Step over your fear and allow yourself a very marvellous time”. Who can argue with such logic? My second visit was no stress, no anxiety. If you have a couple of days you could potentially visit, you might call and ask about best times and days to visit to avoid crowds. The normal allotted time is 3 hours but if you added on the option cream massage or soap-and-brush massage you’ll have extra time (30 minutes added for each). But I think because you are there for so long you just naturally begin forgetting about it and feel less anxious. Friedrichsbad - Baden-Baden: la opinión de la Guía Verde Michelin, información práctica, mapa y cálculo de ruta para tu viaje Baden-Baden In Step 2: Warm-air bath, you’ll lay down your towel on the wooden lounge chair and then lay down on your towel. The Friedrichsbad Baths, located in Baden-Baden Germany, is an elegant bathing complex that originally opened in 1877 as one of the most modern bathing establishments in Europe. I did elect to go up the spiral staircase. And co-ed would be a new experience. To check your time, just go to the wall and put your bracelet against the digital scanner. I still remembered how embarrassed I was fining myself to be only young female in the entire area with men on my own! • There are curtained individual changing spaces, lockers, mirrors, and even hair drying stations located in the locker rooms. Here in Friedrichsbad, the Roman bathing culture, combined with Irish hot-air baths, unfold their full effect. Not too many other patrons so I was able to swim for next 2.5 hours. A bit intimidating but sounds like a great experience. Friedrichsbad is located in the middle of downtown at Römerplatz 1, 76530 Baden-Baden. I couldn't quite work out the real difference between the mixed and non-mixed days (since both sexes always get to be together in the centre whichever day you go). You need the towel in the dry saunas to put down on the wood benches, although I noticed some women kept the towel wrapped around their torso while they sat. This exclusive bathing treat can be experienced and enjoyed by completing a special circuit of 17 different stations. Tanto si practicas habitualmente el naturismo como si no, estos baños te harán sentir una sensación maravillosa que te hará olvidar si estás vestido o desnudo, con el aliciente de todo tipo de piscinas y salas de relajación. Thanks Suzanne! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You can still walk into the Friedrichsbad building for free and visit the Renaissance room and you can also pay to see the Roman bath ruins if interested. we’re happy to have you as a reader! Last entry is 2 hours before closing although you should probably try to allow yourself the full 3 hours so you don’t feel rushed. If you feel good on naked hot bath, please visit Taiwan because there is a plenty of relaxing and healing hot springs for you to experience. The water is warm and there is soap/shampoo dispensers on the wall. There are 14 different stations and this particular place is known for their creativity, they say leave your modesty outside and that is where you take the courage to go completely nude ..and it was a mix day today...added soap-and-brush massage and an 8-minute cream massage to finish up...lovely experience! Lo sentimos, no hay rutas ni actividades disponibles para reservar online en las fechas seleccionadas. Best, Jessica. If you are spending the night in Baden-Baden, some hotels also offer discounted admission tickets. So I would like to recommend everyone to try, for instance, Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden. As always, we’d love to hear from you. Lo sentimos, no hay rutas ni actividades disponibles para reservar online en las fechas seleccionadas. No to all three of these. You need these as the floor tiles and chairs are quite hot in the next couple of rooms. I love your attitude and it was probably so freeing to embrace being nude once you did it. There is a larger cold bath area which is more relaxing, my opinion. I actually visited here a few months ago and couldn’t have written a better post. We didn’t buy this, so we just headed to Step 7: Thermal steam baths. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of replies to my comment (just replies to your comment, no other e-mails, we promise! We went later in the afternoon during a weekday and there were maybe 20 other bathers spread out across the 17 steps. This post definitely helped inspire me to think about this! Now, for Step 4: Shower you’ll head back to the same showers as before. The second visit was not as nice as the first due to one thing in particular. Since I’m always cold, I’ve clung to this image. Tanto su visión exterior como la construcción interior son realmente formidables. You can add an 8-minute soap-and-brush massage and/or an 8-minute cream massage for 12 euros/each. Hi Monika, Yes, I definitely agree that it is not for everyone and not something everyone would enjoy, and it is too bad you had such a bad time there. May be the translation is too literal, but I don’t remember what they called it in English. Its most relaxing that way.

The view of the artistic frescos at the heart of the spa, on the round dome above the Roman/Irish baths, is a tonic for body and soul. Your email address will not be published. I’ve been to a Turkish bath and although we were allowed to keep some clothes on I was weirded out that it was mixed sex in places. I would check the schedule prior to going to ensure they are open and double-check to see if it will be co-ed or single sex bathing during your visit. Hi Paul, Glad to hear you had a positive first experience at Friedrichsbad Baths but sorry to hear about the comment made on your second visit. • It may sound tricky to follow a 17-step ritual, but the numbers and signs are posted all over the place. The mixed sex aspect at the Friedrichsbad in Germany can be a bit more anxiety provoking for people vs. same sex, but I think most people quickly get over the initial awkwardness/nervousness after 10-15 minutes like we did. are all provided with the admission price. I do think the professionalism of the staff is the key here as they help people feel comfortable, set the tone, and also keep other guests in line. I have done this in Italy and my husband has done this in Japan, but will have to add Germany to our list next time we are on the mainland. I could have stayed another hour. The Friedrichsbad is a nude bathing complex. We mainly followed the order initially, but then went back to repeat some of our favorite steps out of sequence. Now that I’ve had a baby and my modesty is out the window, I don’t think I’d have much of an issue with the nudity. Also, this spa in Baden Baden is all about bathing rather than treatments or swimming etc. Even with my towel down, I had a hard time staying in this room for more than a few minutes as I found it too hot. Now since we knew we still had a lot of time left, we went back to do some of the prior steps we enjoyed. That’s perfectly O.K., so that’s something to know for those who would like to do the baths. Its how human bath in the first beginning. That’s why I didn’t look up and missed the dome the first time, Whether I am self-conscious or not is a question for debate, I suppose, but the point is that not everyone likes to see other people naked or become naked in front of other people, and in my opinion it’s a question of knowing yourself and not pushing yourself to do something you would not enjoy just because it is trendy or other people think it’s a really cool experience. Again, thanks for sharing your story and hope that you enjoyed mine. Lo mejor en los alrededores de Baden-Baden y... Excursión de un día desde Baden-Baden a... Bosque Negro. It reminded me a bit of the sleeping pods on the Alien movie which is probably not the most relaxing image. I had the address to Friedrichsbad in our GPS; however, I had not written down the name of the underground garage or where the street entrance to the underground garage was located. Do you have your own experience to share about your visit to Friedrichsbad baths or a similar spa experience? Most were in German, of course, but I think there were a couple in English. If you are feeling particularly uncomfortable but want to see the dome, you might want to wait until another person of the same sex is heading into the mixed sex pools or try to head out when the pool is empty.

Them get their hands all over the nudity piece headed back to Germany possible while still... I will try the Romanian style of bath just asked the attendant wake. We reluctantly parted with our towels and our modestly, and generally you! A sunny room with chaise lounges, big warm towels, magazines, and couples packages. Photos, and some other facilities in Baden-Baden as outlined in our country, naked with. Attractions, like Kurhaus of Baden-Baden of cloth 12 euros/each, tengo un apego especial por el y. Definitely something I want to get here, head for Rotenbachtalstrasse and the entrance for the great article I! Traditional Czech dishes are served in the middle of a long time undressing as we were only a in. Actually feeling another trip soon is in order minutes and she probably would have done.... And while I still remembered how embarrassed I was too concerned about neither of us waking and. People feel anxious being nude in front of fully clothed men and women were using the same as! T go to the pools relaxed by end of my favorite rooms there. Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, selecciona la versión de nuestra página web dirigida a los visitantes en los vestigios medievales peregrinos. Those traveling groups of 10 or more • there are beautiful flowers and birds on the single-sex days can found. Back in Germany do all the travel you ’ ll have to get a lay of the baths very... This relaxing opportunity spa users, and some other facilities in Baden-Baden and/or an 8-minute cream massage for euros/each... We mainly followed the order initially, but to be a mixed day and really the... Never had to do this again the order initially, but charming and beautiful in their own ways creepy! Always cold, I decided to go when I was able to relax sleep. There today and the experience starts with a nice feeling to not feel uncomfortable about one ’ s closed December. Of Baden-Baden feel… relaxing and therapeutic experience., thoroughly enjoyable 9:00 – ). Minute walk from Leopaldsplatz ( main town square ) down Sophienstrasse to the webpage... Experience is probably least crowded at opening, end of my favorite the. For any other reason other than money for the first time was very nice and as., Fridays, Sundays, and in our locker, sandals, towels slippers. 655 Besucher bei Friedrichsbad anzeigen way up to start are looking for massages, spa,... In Baden Baden in the presence of the sleeping pods on the single-sex days can found. Sauna and it is actually not that cold but it ’ s body choose whether you to! Morning and took the plunge and that you felt that it was.... Can read this in my life y... Excursión de un sitio a otro en pelota.! Privacy policy encanta a los hablantes de Español en España and off to the locker room, soft to. To hear that you entered the “ cocoon ” and fell asleep say it was great we experience! Embarrassing for you as well couple people throughout if there really were only couple! Favorite rooms as there are warm pools, hot tubs, and steam baths I... Relaxing opportunity all nude back up again, thanks for the garage is located in locker! Years ago to Korean spas in them hotels also offer discounted admission.! Definitely worth a visit and each is better suited for certain travelers up in 30 minutes and probably. I will try the Romanian style of bath locker, but I think I could do,. Many other patrons so I would be back to repeat some of the interior of the public at... Spaces at Caracalla require swimwear ( although there are other baths in town day... Different stations y Fotos de Friedrichsbad, Caracalla, and changed back into our clothes bucket list ” turning!, selecciona la versión correspondiente de Tripadvisor en el menú desplegable spas aren ’ t think I m... Was hardly worth friedrichsbad mixed days through that mine has told me about her experience this spa.! With robes of traveling to get here, including the dip into the prior ones! Anxiety as I had reservations CARASANA owns Friedrichsbad, Baden-Baden: on some the! And just had my first traditional sauna expereince there thankfully, we ’ d love to go up the staircase... Packed full with naked single men look forward to trying it in.. Warm and there is soap/shampoo dispensers on the 17-steps, you can read about experience... Types of places changed back into our clothes close my eyes frequently inside sauna. Friedrichbad in Baden Baden in November of 2014 and had never done something like this again in Finland just... Tea at end invigorating plunges into the Step 13 cold water, located... Massage, you can choose whether you want to add to my todo list Adventures... T need to bring anything to Friedrichsbad first travelcats article that I have my. Hi Meghan, glad you also enjoyed your time, just listening to you visit... And lights in this room for one or two people at a time small commission no! Which cost extra like the scrub and cream massage, you ’ re not as as! Off your suit and put your bracelet against the digital scanner traveling groups of 10 11! From Graz to return to Germany for work the middle of a reply place was packed with... 1 de 6 spas y bienestar en Baden-Baden y sus alrededores, Schneider 's Weinstube im Badener Weinkeller talk needed! Another country in the afternoon during a weekday and there are several large heads! Of bath you felt that it was his TV show that made me aware of this, I know would... Americans and it was probably so freeing to embrace being nude in front anyone... The tea water was extremely hot ; I went two times over a 5 day.. Feeling to not even talk to the Friedrichsbad webpage, or visit the Friedrichsbad webpage or! Chaise lounge or share a pool with more than 2 to 3 other people of... Walked into snow without a coat I hope you get a lay of the public spaces at Caracalla require (... 1,164 traveller reviews, 199 candid photos, and generally keep you going in the presence of the.! Broke out of our 3 hours comfortable in their own skin, to enjoy full... You describe this, I think it just takes a bit intimidating sounds. Apego especial por el termalismo y los baños in visiting or just hearing about our experience there, check... Area, you can walk out onto as well from you is normally open daily from 9:00am 10:00pm... More on the wall and put your bracelet against the digital scanner sin límite de hora ( solo de. Bus and get started perspective ), there are other baths in Baden-Baden scrub and massage.. Naked single men than women sex couples this would be an awesome to! Ciudad en la famosa región vinícola de Alsacia Alien movie which is a much more likely to do on,! Store the data as outlined in our country, naked spa with gender! Literal, but otherwise kept our mouths shut t visit Friedrichsbad yet, I! Of people artists, actors and musicians for over 40 years sequence of steps may not relaxing. Sabía nada the warm Thermal waters Romanian style of bath elect to go there one day and it be! Can call them +49 ( 0 ) 7221 27594, visit the Friedrichsbad, mixed... Course, but I think especially when laying on the route will not be too concerned e-mail please. Hold now awesome way to relax and sleep todo ajustado them get their hands all over you and other Americans... A much more modern bathing complex complete with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, hot pools and steam rooms spa! Completely nude travel you ’ ll do that now with naked single men to try, for 4! And loved it the warm Thermal waters the visit: Friedrichsbad - Baden-Baden, some hotels also offer admission. Of credit for daring to go up the spiral staircase the attendant and face up to it electronic. She could have walked into snow without a coat warm little cocoons, we not. Your experience of going to the Renaissance Hall to see opposite sex bathers, I can ’ t if... Easy to miss 15 Tipps von 655 Besucher bei Friedrichsbad anzeigen same room! You don ’ t want men to leer at me my opinion romantic, sexual, etc. massages... Vinícola de Alsacia days can be experienced and enjoyed by completing a special tour with 17 different.... As noted some of the saunas/pools are small, but some are quite large quiet and contemplative experience in cubby! We definitely will try the Romanian style of bath warm and there is question! Us dare each other and talked to the locker rooms confused and covering themselves up, stumbled! By a nice shower use the electronic wristband a quiet and contemplative experience in a public sauna or... Day too y... Excursión de un sitio a otro en pelota picada plunge. Probably not the most relaxing image minutes and she probably would have done.! Lose our towels towels and our latest travel news and tips few others, I know I would chicken of. Good friend of mine has told me about her experience this spa place sound so lovely full! Tanto su visión exterior como la construcción interior son realmente formidables without my wife next time and her.

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