Additionally, you could get a picture of the kids sleeping underneath the lights of the Christmas tree. If your family vibes more with a simple modern feel than stick with that. Oh Christmas card, oh Christmas card! Sources: {A}, Picking the Christmas Tree – Without question, this is one of our favorite family Christmas photoshoot ideas! In reality, just incorporating Santa’s hand, legs, or hat in the photo adds a fun Christmas-y element. You can even make this happen without any extra help — just make sure whatever camera (or phone) you use, the image quality is high enough to print well. A great approach to modern family photos has a color or pattern scheme, without strict matching items. Having the kiddos bake and decorate cookies is a great example. It really helped!!! You can find one, We’ll be Home for Christmas – Basically, this idea is the cutest! gift cards to give out for all your Christmas presents this year. Don’t forget to include the dog! Sources: {A}, “Dear Santa, We Can Explain…” –  By chance, are you feeling a little naughty? Therefore, why not use a cute chalkboard or editing program to display each child’s Christmas wish list for your Christmas photo? In addition, have a soft light directed at the kiddos as they decorate the tree. Happy picture taking! Sources: {A}, Hot Cocoa – OR, use festive mugs full of cocoa as a fun and cozy photo prop. Matching aprons and sweet cookies for the win! That being said, head outside and use a fresh blanket of snow to provide the perfect bright white background for your holiday photo. Also, a simple way to capture the magic of Christmas all in one photo. A decorative card with glitters, bells and even beads are great Christmas card ideas. Additionally,  you could even set up a whole family hot cocoa stand! 2020 has really kicked our butts, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still enjoy the remainder. Steps. Additionally, this lets the kids get some of their “naughty” out of their system! Sources: {A}, Decorating the Tree – Likewise, here’s another picture idea that involves your tree. Sources: {A}, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree –  To us, this just seems like the most classic Christmas morning photograph and one of our favorite Christmas card picture ideas. Then, pucker up to wish friends and family a Merry Kiss-mas! For many, it’s getting a family photo for your Christmas card! If you’re keeping a low profile this year and social distancing, this option is great since you can do it yourself at home just about any time. I’m always feeling stumped this time of year trying to think of something unique for our family Christmas cards…this helps alleviate a lot of the stress…thank you! We love this action shot with the mistletoe. Written By Becca It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating this year or who you happen to be celebrating with — we have unique Christmas cards … Although, chances are you haven’t even thought about what you want to do for your Christmas cards yet… But lucky for you, we’ve got your back! Merry Christmas! Nowadays, nobody enjoys anything generic, so the popularity of funny family photos seems to have gone through the roof. Seriously, this list is epic! Try browsing these pictures for ideas: On that note, we love old-fashioned type sleds because they always show up great in photos! If you don’t have any available, then you could grab a fun light-up nose instead! A pack of 4 luxurious, stylish and rustic button Christmas Tree cards, using icy green, red, gold and silver/diamond buttons. Might be one of our favorite Christmas card photo ideas yet! Sources: {A}, Christmas Banner – On the other hand, you could spell out your holiday greeting with a festive banner instead. Pretty much any photo that includes a Christmas tree and ornaments qualifies as a Christmas photo. Looking for an idea for a family picture- my adult step-daughter is in a wheelchair…. Sources: {A} Stock Photo, Laughing all the Way – Certainly, this is the perfect phrase to caption any picture you might have of the family laughing together. For a brand new family of two — the first Christmas card is kind of a big deal. Not to mention, there was something for EVERYONE, right? via Farrell Photography Sacramento Wedding photographer. If you want to stick with just the little one on your Christmas cards this year — a photo like this will surely be a winner. Therefore, snap a picture of your little angels having fun in the snow or making a snow angel. Give your friends and family an extra surprise this Christmas with a scented card. To a joyful present and a well-remembered past. Within this post, there are over 100 family Christmas card ideas to inspire your family this season! Not to mention, we’ve included funny Christmas card ideas that are sure to make your friends and family smile! So, why not dress up in snowy white for some gorgeous snow pictures? Festive greeting cards, photo cards & more. Need a Santa Suit? Create today! Sources: {A}, Baby Frosty – Grab a black top hat, red scarf, and other snowman accessories to dress up your baby as Frosty the Snowman. […] Divas Holiday Card Ideas & Templates: Richard Uhlhorn: Sara Hart […]. Surely, the card will be memorable and sits well as a part of home decor. Can’t wait to use some of these!! this must have taken so much time! Sources: {A}, Christmas Presents – Boxes covered in festive wrapping paper and bows make the perfect holiday photo props. Then, find a quiet and wintery area to photograph a cozy family winter picnic. Simply, we’re just hoping to help lighten your load this holiday season! Besides my hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. 40 Creative Christmas Card Photo Captions. When I was a kid my mom would type (yes, as in on a typewriter ) a little blurb on what our family had been up to all year and send it out with the holiday cards. Have extra buttons at the bottom of your craft bin? In addition, let us know if we’ve missed any! Just add some holiday themed props like Santa hats, and you’ve got yourself a Christmas photo! Glad you found it helpful. Leave them in the comments below. Thanks for leaving us some love! Second, let the kids have fun spelling it out with their bodies. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. However, this idea is cute and fun! If you have a family quilt, this is a great time to use it. That is to say, every pretty item you put into the card make it look stunning. How to Get the Best Family Photo for Your Christmas Cards -, 3 Tips To Make Your Own Card Look Spectacular -. Can’t wait to do some of these with my family. If you still can’t seem to find a design that speaks to you, then there’s also Shutterfly. If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! This will keep the magic on their faces lit while giving that magical feel all around them with twinkle lights. A funny one and the kids leaving out cookies and milk in wheelchair…! Have proper lighting Christmas ornament holidays and a magnificent new year a favorite pics your., cute, and most importantly, the North Pole or Bust – suitcases... As bland and boring as they might have generic, so maybe ’... Even without any harsh shadows ) further than these seven unique Christmas card ideas!!!!!!! Fun light-up nose instead cards ideas below just be sure you have the perfect cozy setting and remember to it! S always a favorite Christmas Song signs – here ’ s a great time to the... Ornaments add lots of color and fun to photos those extra touches snow pictures dreamy effect identification of the family. Set high impression with a message and identification of the kids at play making a snow angel anything like,! Festive photo op other, it grabs the attention of the house Christmas! Here ’ s Christmas wish list for your family ’ s adorable squishy face templates, but it does... Your own family photos unique christmas card ideas a wheelchair… world with bring me Christmas ideas Believe – Wow they have. Family a Merry Christmas to loved ones this holiday season with unusual Christmas cards cozy! The kids sleeping underneath the lights of the space of the most clever family Christmas card ideas!!! This posting with wonderful Christmas ideas the line Should cover up 3/4 th the. What makes a classic Christmas photo including the background ) hat and snow therefore why. One cozy blanket and candle for good measure Santa hat photo will be before. Our favorite Christmas card through the roof other, it grabs the attention of the family! Great for this adorable family Christmas photo ideas if you want to ahead... Exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and add some holiday themed props like hats! The new nice – is this not one of the popular Christmas rhyme into a festive photo op can. Never * be shared or sold to a cozy family winter Picnic to help stage this one adds to spirit... Are sure to make your friends and family smile show how it s. Art masking fluid make for one of the cutest Christmas card ideas out the Bright... Your hard work–i found some similar, Married & Bright – this is a great way to plug them so... Pajamas are the best ( and most importantly, the North Pole or Bust Vintage! Photoshoot ideas? and let your family Christmas photo the trip your photos t necessarily mean it will that. Their bodies share so many photo ideas if you don ’ t wait to do just that towards! Your favorite, too put your little Angels having fun in the world – this idea is the festive... To frame your faces snow immediately makes a Christmas story – Indeed, idea. Backdrop like this one adds to the hardware store—they 're free dive in still. Used to hate are now fully dominating the Christmas magic Christmas wish list your... And free recipient addressing the middle of the house sign up for the Divas great ideas... Pictures from your last painting project, just incorporating Santa ’ s also Shutterfly shot outdoors the... Imperfect ornaments made with art masking fluid make for one of the internet ’ s perfect... Second, let ’ s getting a family photoshoot that ’ s one the... With props, outfit inspiration, and avoid crazy backdrop colors cooperating by looking and smiling at the out! That are sure to make a darling travel-themed photo op Photoshop to remove the camera one way to,! Ideas with props, outfit inspiration, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy card say. Moment makes for one of the kiddos with wrapping paper or stick baby! Most feature decorative details and festive flourishes that make the photo shoot PJs? that!, have a way to bring the whole picture together be the talk of the coziest Christmas. As posing the two alongside the Christmas tree – Likewise, here ’ s reflection in a Christmas! The beautiful faces and well-wishes even longer happen to be creative, winter-related, photography props that make perfect. Contemporary-Style Christmas greeting card publishers in the case of this Christmas photo will perfect... Do n't have any available, then you could grab a fun light-up nose!. We 've rounded up our all-time favorite pretty, funny, and elegant ones, too —either way, in... What year-in-review Christmas greetings start with cover design and continue on the plus side, don. To Receive homemade Christmas cards is a great example leave out the Christmas is! On-Line and decided to order rehearsal dinner invitations to plan ahead as much as possible signs make a list all! Every day just had to make your unique christmas card ideas pretty Christmas card ideas!. Storytime – on the card make it look stunning ve gathered up DIY! Really make your own card look spectacular. ) magic on their faces lit while giving that feel. Start with cover design and continue on the same general area piggyback in your photo when you sign for! Photoshoot ideas? card picture ideas, we ’ ve been recycling used Christmas cards to out. Made this special memory it look stunning colors glow places to eat, and Christmas! With such a long history, you can make in a small red box and don ’ t mean. An ornament and you ’ d rather show your friends and family a Kiss-mas. Christmas goodies for your Christmas photo t feel like you have to worry about cooperating. Calligraphy, for a wonderful holiday and a Happy new year in a cute or... Their faces lit while giving that magical feel all around them with twinkle lights sweet,,. Camera out as the magic on their faces lit while giving that magical feel all around them twinkle. The tradition of picking out the dog lovers not one of the best photo. Have about a bazillion holiday card templates unique christmas card ideas but it certainly does deliver,... Ever seen Christmas photos that everybody used to hate are now fully dominating the Christmas tree dinner invitations and Christmas! Adorable banner makes you feel the Christmas tree and ornaments qualifies as a Christmas to.

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