#homestuck #space #Seer #heart aspect #seer of heart #edit; 5 June 2017 | 20 notes. Or how a session with certain players might go? I don't like Homestuck. i dunno. Rational: TransportationIrrational: Physics ManipulationThe Page of Space, Pages are players that grow with their aspect. The Seer of Space is one who learns about and observes space. Anonymous. Saved by cheyanne lopez. Jun 20, 2013 - Find and follow posts tagged mage of space on Tumblr. The Knight of Space. Neo Conceptual Art .. Paradox Space is a cancelled Homestuck spinoff comic series, launched in 2014. Space players tend to wake up earlier in Sburb so expect to be a bit more equipped for it than other players. So the Page is the class of Growth and Manifestation, the “Difficult but awesome” class. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles - Page Of Space. In your case, I think things you imagine, will be created. One who equips themself with mass, energy, and space so that they can protect mass, energy, and space. The greatest strength of a Page of Mind is also their greatest weakness; their unbelievably slow, but incredibly strong growth. Sorry for the lack of posts recently I kinda forget to do this and also don’t feel like doing it sometimes? Menu Dismiss. Like Jake English, you take “Space” within yourself and project it into the world as a force. Your ideas will also be the most influential to the progression of the game so I hope people listen to each of them, for better or worse. Please use these!!! ROXY: is true ROXY: im always gettin owned at those by you and ur kin ROXY: recently your crazy dog sister was schoolin me on perfectly generic cubes JOHN: you mean generic objects. You’ll want to avoid Seers, especially one of Time who may try to guide you when you need to figure things out  for yourself. Page of Space-A god tiered and fully powered-up Page of Space would be incredibly powerful. - Signed, Xef – for @averrs . A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, Sburb, in the mail.Installing and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor storm to fall on his house in real life, which he survives only by being transported to a planet in another dimension known as the Incipisphere. I’m Homestuck Examination, and for a while now I have been doing Class and Aspect analysis stuff. Your aspect will likely be a mix of Symbolic and Literal when it comes to your powers. (the lovely background is by cairovercoats!!) Don't say we didn't warn you. At max level, the Knight of Space has gained such mastery of their aspect that the mere act of using an actual weapon is, for the most part, a formality. Pages are the weakest to start and thus have the most highest probability of dying in a session.A Page of Space will be a potentially naive person, they would seem to have a lack of space and a home life that would limit their own growth. A Page of Space will be kinda similar to the Page of Mind, though Heroes of Space focus on the existence of things, their physicality, dimensions, and creation. Art. Velocity, and the size of things are the main focus of these players, these players are also in charge of the frog breeding process in the session. Alright, I’ve been looking forward to this one. This is more than a Rogue Of Void like Roxy who created things by stealing the nothingness from them, but your actual imagination being able to create and shape objects once you get the hang of it. I’ll even admit that part of the reason I was so dead set on getting this current set done was this. Saved from tumblr.com. I can and did, Here you go (even though i personally wasn’t the one who made the mind wallpaper). Send me an ask for a certain class or fill out the session request form for a session analysis. All of this done by eye. Ouch. A sword of multiple AUs in length is, at this level, one of the less dangerous abilities in their arsenal. (yes, including things like Witch/Sylph, Maid/Heir, Maid/Page, Knight/Seer etc etc) I can guarantee I’ve looked at and thought about 99% of the major and minor homestuck class theories out there, and then some from ideas people all over have thrown at me once or twice, because I think about this a LOT lol. One false move and your frog has cancer and your universe is ruined. Pages are the weakest to start and thus have the most highest probability of dying in a session. This Page … The Page of Light, like all other Pages, is going to have a very slow growth process. I believe Pages are the Hufflepuffs of Homestuck to be frank and this is true of all Pages not just Pages of Space. This all being said the Page of Space would also be a very kind soul and would likely find fun in some form of art, they would likely not find themself to be very good at it though. ACT 1 - THE NOTE DESOLATION PLAYS (Started 04/13/09, ended 06/07/09)ACT 2 - RAISE OF THE CONDUCTOR'S BATON (Started 06/10/09, ended 10/11/09)ACT 3 - INSANE CORKSCREW HAYMAKERS (Started 10/13/09, ended 01/15/10)INTERMISSION - DON'T BLEED ON THE SUITS. Page of Time-The Page Of Time, the one who will journey to fill themselves with patience, change, entropy, and time and then manifest it.A Page of Time can just have future-him teach and help him along! Jul 9, 2014 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Most of the time Pages start out very very weak and often helpless in one sense, more often than not thy will lack their aspect and depend on others to nurture it. So far all space players are pre-awakened on their moon. Your compliment is a Rogue Of Life who may be able to save you when you make a mistake. Webcomic Character Art Sketches Homestuck Mage Character Design … Contemporary Art. Iike for real, I think about this stuff all the time lol. When she and her grandpa were beginning to colonize the island northeast of Australia, a package appeared with some pumpkin seeds and a shirt. The trouble of stokinng the Forge will also fall to you. HOME; READ; INFO; SHOP; GAMES; NEWS; MORE [A6A6I4] ====> Show Dialoglog. Page of Space, hm? You should have a Knight to help you though. About 8,000 pages. About 8,000 pages. Mages are the active half of the Understanding class, with their counterparts being the more passive Seers. They would be able to tell how large something was and how far away it is to an exact meter; as well as know how fast something was traveling to an exact MPH. This Page could also be exceptionally unlucky and try to fix it by carrying around as many lucky charms as possible. satanicchristiancult liked this . Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. Because it’s mine. They would soon have the ability to freely give what others need to them, through the means of physics manipulation, teleportation, and creation. Then this is the right place for you! Why so much excitement for this one random Classpect? When Jade was young, Grandpa died due to a misunderstanding of human culture by Tavros Nitram, who took control of Becquerel to redirect a bullet Jade accidentally shot at herself at Grandp… Instead, what a Page Of Time has to do is jump from one timeline to another, experiencing all that they can and learning about the way Paradox space treats the continuum, letting you gain a deeper connection with time. HOWEVER; I did sit here and make a bunch of homestuck god tier outfits, and I am going to post them. Look how well that works out in the other Pages. Your passive equivalent is the Heir Of Space. Page Of Space. During this time it is quite possible that the Page would develop the ability to teleport subconsciously in order to help the knight in their plight to keep the page safe. They would also gain the responsibility of frog breeding and a large part of their growth in power and personality would happen during this process. You can’t exactly take a crash course in astrophysics or quantum physics during the middle of a Sburb session. This art is not for me, this art is for you. Once fully realized a Page of Space would be one of the most powerful units on the team, being a page and all. Pages are the weakest to start and thus have the most highest probability of dying in a session. I don't wanna read Homestuck. With the advent of the ... Homestuck Hiveswap Classpects Classpect Aspect Class Maid Sylph Knight Page Seer Mage Heir Witch Rogue Thief Bard Prince Lord Muse Time Space Heart Mind Hope Rage Light Void Breath Blood. Knight of Space. As a Page, you’ll be expected to become really powerful and people will try to capitalise that and try and push you towards it. Yeah I know, unoriginal. Understands space, or understands through space. Paradox Space. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Metaphorically it represents creativity. Your role will be about learning to be creative and ingenuitive, starting off with very narrow horizons but spreading them through your experiences.

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