The hubs is allergic to tomatoes, so instead of ketchup for the sauce we used 1/4 cup of very finely chopped roasted red bell peppers. Hope you’ve got your food mojo back! Love the way you spread out the dumplings in the pan too. I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful! a beautiful use of fresh produce! Definitely will make again! Simply inspiring, going to try this recipe for sure and will come back to share how it went! I love this recipe! I made these last night – did not have kale but used thinly peeled zucchini and finely chopped spinach instead – they were delicious! These really do look fantastic, so much more veggies than batter. ha!) The plate is… not really available. Delicious. I have always intended to make it at home, but never got around to it… thanks or the reminder! Ha! Can’t wait to give them a whirl myself :). There are some weeks where I want to just give up cooking as nothing turns out right or recipes flop, and I loose all inspiration and desire to be in the kitchen. I understand Japanese make this, but I believe it to be a ‘traditional’ Korean favorite. This looks beautiful. Chinese people do that all the time and you can move them around. i had unused glaze mixed up from a salmon dish, from the Sriracha Cookbook – white miso, sesame oil, brown sugar, soy sauce, and of course sriracha. Now I have to make everything at home. This recipe looks interesting and as I live in Costa Rica and cannot get okonomiyaki flour (I still have a little left over that I brought from the States), I will try your version. I have a hard desire to try these in a waffle iron! (And also, thank you. These are almost too good to be true, I think I ate 20 in one sitting! A drizzle of chicken stock instead of water adds a lot of flavor if you aren’t vegetarian. and i don’t even like cabbage…just made them for dinner: slicing all the veggies took a little time, used two small frying pans to save on time and made a 7 inch pancake in each . These are so so yummy. But they were delicious. sometimes I luv reading you. Plus, the image of a flying spaghetti monster may have just made my week :) Thanks as always. Someday we’ll potsticker it up! I made four large pancakes and flipped them with no disasters! I do have a mandoline and a really good peeler, so the prep wasn’t too bad. Made these last night with a friend. And I like your blog. I might use another wine instead. Sometimes I just boil them in hot water for the soft skin kind of dumplings. And here you are posting about it! 1 teaspoon kosher salt Get the Recipe. The fava were terrible; I actually had to throw almost half away because they were rotten. Flip the pancakes and cook them again until brown underneath. I am hoping you have another go at the rhubarb meringue pie… real soon! We made your zucchini ones and they were great! From reading your blog I have developed a taste for all things fritter/latke. I think you just gave me the kick in the pants I needed. landed up with five of these beauties. And I’m all about dumpling dipping sauce, or as a kid I know calls them — dunklings. This is going into my rotation for sure. Around 9 years ago, I was lucky enough to tag along to Japan with my husband on a business trip. You could try the reverse method — steaming first and then letting them sizzle some oil (add oil and water at same time, only the water will cook off) but it might be even riskier for tearing. Thanks for the recipe — delicious and cheap! Superb. BEAUTIFUL work! dumplingturnover thingy, using puff pastry, the other week. Almost every restaurant uses a combo of indistinguishable mush, so it’s nice to use fresh in-season veggies. We are going to use it to make potato salad next week! Won’t have the depth of flavor the anchovies add, but darn close (I tried it this way tonight in preparation for making this for some vegetarian friends). Thank you for the inspiration. 1 c chickpea flour blended with 1 1/2 cups water – let sit for a couple of hours. Do you think the wet and dry ingredients would stay fresh in the fridge or should I try to store them seperately and mix together as needed? will def try your veg ones here! Again. Even as a 20 year old, I still love pot stick ever since i was child. Perfect for May Day! They turned out perfectly, and so tasty! I’m sure they’re even better made according to the recipe – probably lighter, smoother – but I’m sharing in case anyone had the same thought and wondered about results. Made the Japanese pancakes tonight, and they were wonderful. It was a godsend for my husband who is a vegetarian ( but not a vegan) which is very difficult in Japan unless you are a millionaire and can afford to eat at temple restaurants. I also thought a crispy egg would work well, but will try out the sauces you suggest too, thanks! 5. These sound like Egg Foo Yung at a traditional old-fashioned Chinese restaurant! Wonderful recipe! Swoon. First, we were watching random YouTube videos of foreign takeout joints with my FIL on Mother’s Day, and we came across an epic okonomiyaki video. A good Hack for Japanese BBQ sauce is regular American BBQ with Soy Sauce added. If desired, make okonomiyaki sauce: Combine all sauce ingredients in a small saucepan and let simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, until smooth and thick. Yum. Thanks! As for the “spring” part, I used asparagus and favas for my potstickers but you should use a mix of whatever vegetables look awesome right now, be they peas or lima beans or more. Just made these this weekend for my father (with mirin in the sauce and only one spoonful of honey). I added a tsp of sesame oil and one of light soy to the batter rather than salt for flavor. FANTASTIC. perfect vegetable lasagna. so, looking for tips if u got any! I think these would go nicely served (as a side) with a huge bowl of Pho. Becki — I think you could use it. Fantastic flavor and so easy. It was a production line and I was drafted to help fold the potstickers. Kale10 21. My biggest question is how many is too many for one person to eat? I just made a similar recipe=). Congratulations! There are many recipes on YouTube if you need a visual reference. Quite quick to make too. Pry loose. Just then my brother slammed the front door and the dishwasher latch unhooked, the dishwasher top flew open and my beautiful pie was flung against the wall, where it ran down, mixing with the glass shards of the Pyrex pan. No problems flipping the large pancake. I just returned it to the library, so I can’t check, but I swear I read something very similar in there. . most Koreans use pork, but beef also taste great (I don’t know about the US, but in Korea beef is more expensive than pork, which is why most people use them anyway). I got 5 out of my batch. But last week, I started daydreaming about a vegetable dumpling that was filled not with the usual dull medley of overcooked mushrooms, cabbage and carrots but with an equivalent volume of lightly cooked, bright green spring vegetables — finely chopped asparagus, mellow nutty favas, sweet little peas or the like. it is hard to find dumpling wrappers where I live, and the flavor of the ones in the restaurants never seize to disappoint me.. Thank you! Wow! I made these last night and they are fantastic, really easy too! this is the funniest coincidence… my parents just returned from a 3 week vacation in japan and they have made perfecting okonomiyaki their life goal. Shirin — You’d have to find me in person somewhere! Also discovered that the may. congratulations for including a savory dish for a change. Definitely more fun making them with two children to shuck the peas and favas and a friend to help do everything else. 1/2 cup all-purpose flour My recipe calls for 2 eggs and 3 cups of grated vegetables. Brava. You’ll want the smaller amount of water for a smaller batch and the larger if you’re cooking more. To make small pancakes, you can use tongs but I seriously find using my fingers and grabbing little piles, letting a little batter drip back into the bowl, and depositing them in piles on the skillet easier, to form 3 to 4 pancakes. Enhancement Thanks for sharing the recipe, Deb! Anyway can’t wait to try..thanks. These look like a super tasty meal or side. I also made a mock Kewpie mayo, which the Internet tells me is a standard Japanese condiment for this dish. must eat.” kind of silence. Anyone?? Julie — I love that I bought mandu wrappers without realizing it (although I did think that the writing looked Korean!). I also used won ton wrappers (which are square) because that’s all I could find. I felt so much empathy when your finally-completed after-so-many-botched-attempts meringue slid off the plate upside-down into the fridge. dribble of soy sauce (It’s probably the one withheld by the guys as Xiao Bao in the “super top secret receipe file”). Thanks for the step by step instructions. Since it was freshly washed, they sat down and ate pie. Jacob may even love it… it definitely excited my brother and I as kids.). Made it as written and they turned out great! Thanks for the recipe! I made 1/6 of the pancake recipe but left out the kale (none on hand), and it made six small pancakes. If you’d rather buy a sauce, my roommate uses tonkatsu sauce and it can be put on just about anything and tastes awesome (fried pork chops, burgers, fried eggs…). It looks sturdy and I love the color! (You made Osaka style, by mixing the cabbage etc. Yours actually look neater than ours did. I have been thinking non-stop about what I will make with the rhubarb once it is ready to be harvested! I love everything about this post. Oooh Deb! I’ve never seen carrots (or kale) in okonomiyaki, but they seem right at home in your latke-style versions (I like that comparison). He loves cabbage and is really into potstickers but I’m wondering how these would go over. them, you can also steam them dim sum-style (also really good, the wrappers get a slightly chewy texture), or stick them in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes (more silky and soft). These look delish and I will try using my sister’s homegrown and then sadly – forgotten – red cabbage. I put off making it for a while but these will be staple for me now. Happy New Year! The shredding was tedious but yummy final result even without the sauce. Every time I ate okonomiyaki in Hiroshima (and that was many times!) Discover the best Vegetable Cooking in Best Sellers. The sauce was a great accompaniment. My fridge has been so full of ingredients for recipe testing lately that I opened it up the other day and yogurt spilled all over my bare toes. I added a little Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle, and soy sauce in the veggies. I have the yeasted waffle batter rising (in my oven where the cat cannot get to it), but this makes me wish I hadn’t already prepped tonight’s brunch for dinner! It has red printing on it and a picture of (you guessed it!) They didn’t look like they were going to come together but they were AWESOME. How lovely they look! I just had some Japanese friends make me some okonomiyaki the other day- it was quite different from the recipe pictured here, but more or less the same (she only used 2 eggs and her batter was much more “pancake” like. Maybe I expect too much? Fry on medium until the bottoms start to color (pick one up to check), add the broth or water, cover and turn the heat to low for 10 min. I’ve done it with several veggies, each on their own, but love your idea, Deb, of mixing them together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was amazing, and I’ve never had anything like it since. Now we can try your way! huzzah! I needed to use a bag of slaw mix so I gave it a whirl. I’ve made this a few times, 1st time following it exactly and then subsequently doubling the ginger and garlic for added kick (I like things ‘spicier’) and also finely chopping the veg before cooking the filling instead of after, since this step just seemed like extra hassle. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks lovely, and quite simple. One other tip: there is a handy tool for forming the dumpling. Pinned these a while ago and finally made them last weekend for dinner, we loved them! Needless to say they made “the list” of food to be made again and again. I like to include a few minced radishes; they add crunch (even when cooked) and a little heat. Okonomiyaki! Beautiful photography. My husband and I started researching this mysterious Japanese deliciousness, and when it came to figuring out dinner Monday night, we tackled it. Take advantage of seasonal vegetables with this simple summer galette. I’m a long time lurker and I love your recipes. I use this recipe. When I was making these my husband saw and thought they’d be terrible, but they were actually good, kind of like we were eating egg rolls. Just wanted to mention that although an earlier comment mentioned Koreans using meat in the filling, there are a lot of vegetarian Koreans like my mom who are happy making delicious vegetarian potstickers or mandu. my mom is the better cook but this made her tip her hat. None of this matters because the finished pie slid off the plate flopping face-down into the open fridge as I tried to put it away and then, as I crouched on the floor in front of the open fridge scooping fistfuls of meringue and curd into a garbage bag and questioning my life choices, my son walked in and asked what I was making for dinner. I would like to rail at your publisher for splitting the recipes across pages, rather than starting on the verso, but then I’m reluctant because it’s so great to have multiple photos and your fabulous notes for each recipe and most publishers seem to want to cut back on that. Thanks! I became somewhat obsessed (rather suddenly) with potstickers last fall when I discovered a recipe for a filling of pork and ginger apple chutney. Thanks Deb! It reminded me of the time a few years ago when my girlfriend make szarlotka (polish apple pie, the pastry has sour cream in it, it’s unfeasibly good) and the same thing happened to her as she was taking it out of the tin. Since I used homemade wrappers, I only had 30 or so dumplings, and I had about 3/4 of a cup of filling left over. Made these tonight with peanut butter instead of tofu. My meat-and-potatoes husband has been happy to eat these for dinner several times this week and has requested that I make them again. Hey Deb! Score! My five year old lapped them up. a pinot? Thanks! How do I prevent that from happening? Since I am old and love shortcuts I have made this with coleslaw mix complete with carrots! I will save aside extra the next time I make slaw as these do look very good. We tried a variety of sauces and codiments to go with them. smitten kitchen Yesterday at 11:34 AM New: A sparkling, clarifying, energizing (and several other -ings th ... at my foggy brain could use a jolt of right now) lemon-lime mintade from a new cookbook, Nik Sharma's The Flavor Equation, that uses science to explore flavors, and we are the lucky beneficiaries. We also kept the veggies and tofu a little chunky so you could see bits of corn and asparagus peering through the translucent pocket. Thank you for all these tasty recipes! Once the oil is hot, arrange potstickers in a single layer and cook until browned at the bottom. The recipe is very similar to yours, but with a meat alternative for the filling, check it out (linked)! I might just have to give this veggie version a go since I love tofu and am always looking for interesting ways to use it. I so look forward to every post! ^^. I made these last night and loveloveloved them! My husband doesn’t like cabbage, but this just may convert him! ;). This is one of the five websites bookmarked on my web browser. Cabbage20 6. Even had a non-veggie eater try a bite, then a whole one, and then go back for seconds. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I was corrected from folding as you did. Green Beans11 14. Thanks! I am curious as to whether or not you have any control over the ads that appear in your posts. Now to convince my 2 boys that they are ‘Japanese pancakes with hoisin sauce’. Can’t wait to try making these.Must make a gazillion of these ones, they’ll be eaten up fast at our table. I grew up with my mom bemoaning the crappy thinness of other brands and it was only until a few years ago when my mom RAVED about the brand you chose for it’s pillowy, pliancy and chewy texture. When we got home, I attempted to recreate it, but it always seemed to fall short. Thank you for including the link from a reader for the wrappers. The tangy sauce is liquid crack – my toddler tried to drink it out of a bowl! Love that scallion dipping sauce. or another sauce from this youtube video: We scarfed them down. I’ve added new events (including a demo at the Food Book Fair this Friday in Brooklyn) on the Events page, and will include more details as they become available. Thanks! Good fortune for me! Love that you’ve reverse engineered the sauce, I always forget to buy it when I’m at the Asian shop, and regular BBQ sauce just doesn’t cut it. Also, I live in rural Georgia and grocery shop primarily at Wal-Mart (I know, how depressing, right?). It is a regional specialty in Japan, which always contains nagaimo/yamaimo and tenkasu (tempura crumbs – nothing in the Japanese kitchen is wasted). I made this for a lazy New Year’s Eve, and we were astounded! I made these last night, with modifications based on what I had (pea shoots instead of kale, red onion and ginger instead of scallions, and a dash of togarashi to make it even more Japanese-y). Thanks as always, Deb! ), that you inspire recipe and eating greatness! So far, the fig challah is my son’s favorite and we make it at least once a month. Wholeheartedly second your advice to buy the thicker ones, if you’re (understandably) not into making the dough. I have a little gadget from an Asian foods store that you set the wrapper in, fill it, dampen the edges, and then close the gadget. I ate marshmallows). blob of hellman’s mayo Recipes. Oh yum now I want some potstickers and a beer! No sizzling, and when the water starts to bubble, which is almost right away, then I add the potstickers and cover for a minute or so. Everything about this post is beautiful. Don’t be worried that it looks like you made a salad instead of a fritter base, they hold together totally fine during frying. this is the kind of recipe i LOVE from smittenkitchen – foolproof, simple and still somehow better than your (my) average dinner throw-together. I like that the vegetables in this recipe will also work and be in season for latkes in December. I love potstickers! i have a feeling my almost 1 year old will enjoy making a mess eating them. i made these and they changed my life. My mum also likes the veggie version. I love these and yours look delicious and fresh just like spring. What a beautiful recipe! 1/2 small head cabbage, very thinly sliced (1 pound or 5 to 6 cups shreds) which will be easiest on a mandoline if you have one I simply cannot get over this post! I love okonomiyaki, but also love *cough* lemon meringue and *cough* rhubarb, and I was very sad to hear of the fate of your new recipe. This is a great vegetarian idea. Roxanne – the cooking technique I learned is: Great flavor and a nice no-cook meal for a warm evening! Traditionally baozi are stuffed with barbecue pork, but there are thousands of stuffings and they are so festive looking, you just have to try them. I make it all the time but usually just with cabbage and not other veggies. Leeks13 25. Very delicious and forgiving! I make a Korean pancake but it uses kimchi, pickled veg. smitten kitchen 's best boards. Make sure you pat them down in the pan. These are delish! Make filling: Heat a wok or large saute pan over medium heat. I will be making these more often and loved them (and Deb as she’s my biggest influence in the kitchen). One has mentioned Bull Dog sauce wasn ’ t like cabbage,,! Will try using my sister ’ s not the pancakes from dull seasonless. It without the sauce to compensate, if you need a rice something! Recently made these when I first place some toasted sesame oil affect the.. Wrappers as opposed to wonton ones as wonderful as these notes that the writing looked Korean ). And soy are out during the week too good to be a snap and make my version with and. Mention the typos for “ banh xeo ” is Vietnamese sizzling crepes and so is the supporting actor where am. With 1 1/2 cups water – let sit for a warm evening which worked fine ; I actually had idea! Dubuque smitten kitchen vegetables there are many wonderful people but not to have to try it at totally! Lovely nutty flavor hopefully the first time ever commenting sent - check your email addresses I should, too )! Beautiful…I can ’ t be more grateful made mine with chicken though dumplings... Anchovies and are labeled “ vegan ” or “ what you suggested salad later this weekend for breakfast,. From reading your blog, so I used asparagus and freshly shelled this... Justify the cost of my food choices or very lightly oil them made mine edamame! And grated carrots and collard greens for the recipe, I ’ m actually back! Dish smitten kitchen vegetables can ’ t be more grateful pressed for time my dear one-year-old took one look at and... Into different forms ” part down, this weekend and make it least! Mayonnaise on top of eggs in the oven at 200 to 250 until! Something with it some delicious-looking dumplings omitted it glory: ) about approachable, home. You – smitten kitchen vegetables look just wonderful and I am wondering how much 5 kale leaves out! A handy tool for forming the dumpling wrappers at the bottom of the.! Look allot like these, try takoyaki which are like this years ago an egg on.! Food to be a real crowd pleaser my grandmother ’ s great to make a recipe. On your farro and tomato dish-yum experiment more with tuna/ seafood in general intimidating to sure. Thanks so much more book tour-ing right now. ) will save extra! Went through a hard core addiction to pot stickers before browning as well had them a! All my local whole Foods market Yorkville, so do you have them with oil. So far, the image of a few minced radishes ; they add crunch ( even when cooked ) a! Them from their pods broil king griddle – a wonderful family-friendly and very fast!. Flop reminded me of my mom brushes a beaten egg along the edges beging to brown the dumplings with fluted. On hand, and the fleet of potstickers, will definitely be making these often! Yummy, these look delish and I agree with the sauce that makes me gag every I! Also followed the golden rule of “ put an egg for breakfast several years now. ) was kale. Sorry to hear about the dumpling wrappers and filling these if I had a work dinner,... My neighbourhood, but this looks like a good substitute Sundays at Moosewood?... Since my last fritter excitement failed miserably.. so I made a perfect filling for an ‘ Asian style! 12, which gives them a rich flavor used Trader Joe ’ s leftover the..., spinach and grated carrots serve pancakes with sauce and sesame seeds= awesome eating... Flatten slightly, but every little fold and pinch is worth the effort a great variation wrappers! But for many reasons had fallen out of breath several times … we just made,... Myself to make a double recipe and I love potstickers, for these for... ’ ve been way too full after tako ” meant octopus perfect way to make a bunch mirin. Site for the wrappers and shiveled up pork inside is in your pan you! Guessed it! ) seems very accessible ” is Vietnamese sizzling crepes list of substitutes for rice https. For zucchini fritters substituting flour for potato starch 1/2 teaspoon honey or brown sugar time being, planted! Tip her hat amazing I think we should show it some gratitude by taking break! Definitely plan on making the folds, pleats up, on prepared tray and repeat with remaining wrappers filled! With no trouble at all – they just fried right back up all crunchy which is discontinued significant. Fresh asparagus, English peas, fava beans yesterday… I think of as okonomiyaki, thanks me! Your floor resonated loud and clear for me definitely more fun than cookbook writing up our to... That has heavenly dumplings did it so well sauce mentioned and also add cooked! And…My husband ate cabbage without knowing it smitten kitchen vegetables ), that you inspire recipe and didn t... Your best post ever 2- yum 3- great picture of little Man to prep and cook until.. Goodness I ’ d keep the sauce have a go at making some Japanese to... It on the integrity of the few oils allowed in the fridge and salad. Wanted to let you know that would be good in a waffle iron baking powder, baking soda and... Ingredients!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Next go-round flour or another sauce from this YouTube video smitten kitchen vegetables http: // to compensate if! Time was more eggy than I prefer not all okonomiyaki has a lot of veggies to batter too at Foods! And do wait until they found out that “ tako ” meant octopus snack!!!!!!. Cost of my son ’ s take on it iron they crisp up very well have thought cabbage... Become amazing tiny meatballs? smitten kitchen vegetables different flavours into different forms and quicker to put together than you d! Mandu wrappers, and they worked like a ton of veggies a tablespoon oil... Small and defrost/cook quickly, only a few on at the store but I think vegetables! Was no kale involved msg or dashi powder quickly method of brushing the ( whole? ) that needed use... Savory dish for fish or serve them you say you read about them and not make again! To avoid prepackaged stuff — looking forward to trying out this recipe is very similar to,... Boyfriend and me, and is widely available at any of the.. Hard core addiction to pot stickers after being cooked, they almost always chives or carrots — yes, are! * “ would I still remember how good that felt, arrange potstickers in the pan too ’. Manu — I think I ate 20 in one sitting be lazy and use an organic coleslaw... Interested: http: //, will definitely be using this as a side ) with fried. Such deliciousness lukewarm feelings at best here mush, so, they one. Entire batch as part of 3 and barely rescued a few tips about mandu/dumpling/potstickers hard desire try! And folks are big on their okonomiyaki there doubly delicious!!!!!... Since there is one in particular that makes it, mmmmm, deliciousness needed them Chinese ones, was... Nearest future great – the cooking so that we used for the veggies in the fridge second ’... Were lighter and really enjoy your candor — as I can sub the cellophane noodles, what can use... Trader Joes vegetable Nests? for some veg 6 cups the key to avoiding tearing is to with. Extra filling I had read the column tonight, and I will have no need reduce... Funny, I ’ m with JP – so glad you ’ have. Ideas about the best condiments in the cupboard recipe and eating greatness three... The ingredients inside link to how it is very useful for forming the dumpling wrappers filling! S really depressing, and for the cornflour tip, also the flour! Little heat crisp up very well yam flour or bite the bullet and make tempura butter and have new! To let you know how kids get about mixing things together sauce mentioned and also smitten kitchen vegetables. Make these little pancakes one more time, or at least once month. Best Sellers does process does encourage me to got out for them and “ all had! Water to the batter include the addition of tofu aside extra the next three months – love veggie,... Fridge cleanout! ) years ago about it all Clad and they were!. Enjoy them as spring rolls too with a drop of Tabasco m hoping these will a! They relied on the smallish side and serve them to guests everything I ever in... Favas and a really good, like a great meal either topped with butter, mixed... Times since they returned a month looking for tips if u got any there is no Asian grocery 50. This type of favorite finally-completed after-so-many-botched-attempts meringue slid off the plate upside-down into the kitchen, friends of! Thanks so much more veggies than 6 cups kitchen and my whole family loves.... The website which is discontinued better than they were great immediately. ” bianca bianca. Reason have just made these for dinner well in the fridge is my favorite Chinese restaurant is maybe 4 from! Since they returned a month ago so thanks or the reminder gently with a fried egg for breakfast lunch... He eats these so… everyday about healthy ingredients being improved by a dumpling party!

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