On August 6, the network stirred the news of an extremely large transaction of 94,505 BTC, which made the recipient’s wallet the largest address that did not belong to the exchange. A few days later, the hype settled and the candidates for the role of the owner of the wallet cleared up.

Scammers Plus Token

Plus, Token offered his customers to make a deposit and profit from the work of a wonderful trading bot, which would give ten percent of the profit to their account every month. During the existence of the project, approximately 3 million gullible people gathered, who in total transferred $ 3 billion in cryptocurrency to the Plus Token wallet. When the articles began to be actively published exposing the project, the final stage of any financial pyramid came – blocking payments to customers.

This happened at the end of June with reference to technical problems. Immediately deceived investors began to appear, who lost as much as $ 5,000 or more. Then came statements to the police and some of the perpetrators were even detained on August 15.

The possible attitude of Plus Token to a mysterious transaction was announced by analysts from TokenAnalyst on Twitter. It turned out that a third of the bitcoins participating in the transaction at 94,505 BTC are associated with Huobi accounts. It was on this exchange that a large share of cryptocurrency from Plus Token was sent.

CEO Huobi said they are looking at a record transaction for contact with a fraudulent project and their own exchange. At the moment, the conclusions have not been voiced, so let’s move on to the second assumption.


Already on September 23, Bakkt will finally launch contracts for bitcoin futures, for which preparatory insurance of deposited bitcoins for $ 125 million was carried out. It was on September 6 that the platform opened a custodian serviceĀ  for making deposits and withdrawing funds from users – on the same day when the record was held transaction

Immediate posts appeared on the connection 37XuVSEpWW4trkfmvWzegTHQt7BdktSKUs with a global platform for trading cryptocurrency. Journalists from various reputable publications, including Bloomberg, made inquiries to Bakkt, but no denial or confirmation from officials has been received at the moment.

Institutional Investors

The head of the Heisenberg Capital venture capital fund, Max Kaiser, believes that buying bitcoin at the current price is profitable and this transaction is just another maneuver for the purpose of further sale at a higher price.

What do the forums think?

At Russian and foreign forums there are very different opinions about the record transaction of bitcoin. Some believe that there was a robbery or payment of a large illegal transaction, but the largest thread of discussion was collected by comments with the possible consequences of such transactions. In particular, the forum users from MiningClub.info are trying to find out if it is a harbinger of a new protracted pump or dump of bitcoin and how altcoins will behave in this case.

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